Hooria Hassan

Burgoning Technologies - Managing Director
Princeton, NJ

    Maximizing the Potential of YouTube Marketing

    December 8, 2015

    Most social media updates are concerned with making updates on major social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and if they are a tad more ambitious, they also include Pinterest and Instagram. Even if marketing teams do decide to make use of video content, a very small number have discovered how to benefit from the full viral potential offered by dominant video-sharing platform, YouTube. Nonetheless, there is no denying that a startup can be catapulted into trendiness if it is able to create a great video that has been optimized for sharing. The problem is that most don’t know how to go about this process.

    YouTube marketing is not the same as other platforms because here you are competing not just with businesses, but also performers, artists and even the public. Everyone is out on YouTube to make a word and get the highest number of views. You will probably be hanging by your nails if you don’t maximize the potential this marketing can offer. How? Here are some tips that can allow you to do exactly that:

    • Join hands with YouTube celebrities

    There are a number of YouTube users who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Start doing research on finding YouTube users whose audience fall within the boundaries of your target clientele and will be interesting in watching a video of your product or service. You can partner up with the celebrities and get them to talk about your business, brand, products and service in the video. Your business gets credibility and you can also add a human and relatable touch that will appeal to your audience. You can offer these celebrities freebies or something else in exchange.

    • Add links to your website

    One of the best ways you can turn your YouTube views into traffic and then turn these visitors into conversion is by inviting the audience back to your site at the end of your video. Don’t just stop there. Also make it easy for them to do so by offering a clickable link right in the description box of the video.

    • Thoroughly fill out your description

    Google owns YouTube so every video that’s published on YouTube has the potential of getting greater visibility in Google search. Hence, when you are publishing your video, you should put in plenty of effort in filling out available description boxes including tags, title, category and description.

    • Be smart and clever

    No, you aren’t a genius; you aren’t the only one who came up with the concept of YouTube marketing. The platform has become saturated in terms of online marketing and it isn’t easy to stand out amongst the millions of videos you can find these days. Just do a quick search and you will know how much competition you have. When you are putting in the time and effort of creating video advertising for your brand, you shouldn’t just craft one that’s blandly pointing out the advantages. You have to make use of good graphics, humor and other elements for making your video different.

    • Pay attention to your audience

    If you are looking to make an impact, you can do so by really talking to the audience. This doesn’t mean addressing them as a whole; that’s just done. You can make videos that directly answer questions posed by your customers. You can even invite celebrities in these videos and inject some humor to make them interesting. Furthermore, this enables you to get personal with your customers and they will see it as honest and genuine. Nothing draws more attention than a personalized video that satisfies the need of your customers.

    • Maximize your efforts

    You have to be prolific here. Remember that it is immensely easy to make YouTube videos and just about anyone can do it. You have to be fast on your feet if you want to stay relevant and the key to do that is to make at least one video every week. This will allow you to see more traffic and your visitors will also know when to check it. Another way you can maximize your YouTube marketing efforts is when you decide to buy YouTube views. Sure, a lot of people may say that’s a shortcut, but the bottom line is that this will give you a jumpstart and help you in reaching your goal fairly quickly.

    • Tell a story via your videos

    You can make your videos even more powerful by telling a story through images or even words. Storytelling and data visualization can be highly effective in YouTube marketing as you can ask your customers to be the face of your videos and share their views and experience.

    When you follow these tips, you are able to maximize the potential benefits that are associated with YouTube marketing. 

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