E-Cigarette Revolution: The Life Of Vape Competitions

    March 13, 2017

    You may have seen people turn into dragons by spewing clouds and clouds of smoke. The smoke has its own distinct smell and mostly pleasant smell other than the simple and stale cigarette fume. People who use ecigarettes found another way to make smoking fun with less harm coming from smoking a cigarette. To find out, you’d have to reach inside the doors of vape shops and see how this recreational competition goes.

    Competitive Vaping in the U.S.

    Gaining popularity in 2007, the real roots of vaping in the U.S. in unclear and clouded. However, the popularity it gained over the years have been proving that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Cloud-chasers are the people who compete in this kind of recreational activity. Cloud-chasers with their customized e-cigars, blow out clouds that are great in density and then the person who blows out a bigger smoke wins. With custom atomizers, these people actually prefer nicotine-free vape tech as nicotine can badly affect their performance, short or even long term. Vape shops open competitions to gain popularity and attract customers. Sometimes, vape shops even hold tournaments over vaping and the customization of the e-cigarettes. This vaping industry have spread all over the world.

    Where are the Major Competitions of Vaping

    International Cloud Championships happen in California. It also happens in Sin City, Las Vegas. Over there, it is called the World Series of Vape. Though not as major as the others, some happen in local vape shops. States that hold competitions include New Jersey, New Mexico, Illinois and other states.

    The Effects on Society

    The vaping community prides itself on being the better alternative to all kinds of smoking. Vaping has also helped people who are into blowing smoke to release stress but do not need nicotine. Nicotine levels can be manipulated in the use of e-cigarettes. A person can gradually lower the levels of nicotine until such time where the dependency has already worn off. The smoker actually becomes nicotine-free and therefore free from all kinds of complications smoking cigarettes can bring. Also, as a safer alternative, this brings people together to try out tricks and techniques in blowing out smoke. In the long run, vaping has already turned into somewhat like a car modification scene. As people explore more ways of releasing stress, vaping will continue to be a prominent adversary to cigarettes to promote health and bond among people.

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