The Linux Operating System

    April 5, 2017

    The right operating system is also considered when it comes to hosting a site. Linux is among the top choices of operating system among web hosts and makers, not just because of its cheap price but also of its durability overall, since most websites, including wordpress hosting, run smoothly with Linux.

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    Linux is an open source operating system, and is freely distributable, cross-platform operating system that users can install on PCs, laptops, mobile and more. This list also includes videogame systems among others.

    Linux has been in the market since the 90’s, and is considered an underdog of the operating system for a time, until it’s continued upgrade over time, Linux is a top choice when it comes to hosting. Here are some information about linux hosts.

    What is Linux?

    Operating system manages the communication between the computer’s hardware and software. Without an operating system, any form of computer’s software cannot function. Linux, is like other software, Windows and Mac are some examples.

    It has been around since the 90’s, and was created by a Finish engineer Linus Trovalds. In fact, Linus created this operating system during his college days for his degree. Over the years it gained supporters and continuously improved.

    Within the OS

    Like other operating systems, Linux has several parts with different functions. The Bootloader, functions as boot processor that appears in the beginning of the screen. The kernel, is the functioning manager of the whole OS. It is the core of the system that manages CPU and memory. The Daemon is the background service, while Graphical Server is the sub-system that make the graphics display on the computer screen.

    Choosing Linux

    Unlike other operating system, Linux is more flexible, not because it can function within some Windows application and system-based designs. Linux can adapt to old version of servers, which makes those who want to upgrade their website hosting systems choose Linux more.

    It is also much user friendly to beginners in website hosting, and makes most websites it hosts run smoothly, and creates more traffic in the aftermath of changing into Linux. Although, users also pinpoint that Linux is sold cheaper, and to an extent free, unlike some and doesn’t use too much license, unlike Windows.

    Another factor why most users prefer Linux is because of its protection against virus and hackers. Albeit not directly, users simply encounter less problems from viruses and hackers when they use Linux. Unlike Windows, who is an easy target for the hackers.

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