Tips How To Turn Inspections Into Bookings

    April 11, 2017

    After a customer makes and enquiry, you spend time with them ironing out each detail which culminates in a site visit. The moment arrives when the client is there asking if they have made the right choice. This venue hire in Melbourne may be as simple as a small cocktail party intended for 40 close friends or a conference where 500 professionals will be present. No matter, this may be the only time you will have to confirm the booking.

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    These tips come straight the experts.

    Set Up

    Be fluent with your brief. This is, after all, a site inspection and you should not leave any detail unattended to. This is not the time to spend discussing what can or cannot be done.

    Michael: "Set things up in such as way that the client can picture themselves and attendees in the space."

    Grace: Worst case scenario is to have long banquet tables set up in venues when customers need to envision their cocktail party in this location, or round tables when trying to sell them on booking a wedding. There is simply no emotional connection created.

    Walk Through

    This is the time to remain concise when explaining why your venue hire in Melbourne is the right place to be. focus on details that are important for the customer, not on some new fixture.

    Grace: Why has the customer come to you instead of competing catering companies? It is important that you understand why your venue has been selected over other Catering Melbourne companies for their event.

    Michael: You can actually see people switch off when venue managers point out things that are irrelevant to their event. Customers may be more interested in locations of bathrooms, bars, and where an arrival table could be placed for conference registration.

    Tailor the experience to the client's needs. You see, some clients prefer paying for drinks according to consumption rather than drink packages. Can you offer enough bar space so attendees can order drinks quickly? This is critical when clients have limited time in the venue.

    Are Fact Sheets and Menus Necessary?

    Michael: Although it is a good idea to offer floorplans or menus, these should never be forced on clients. Use these as reference during discussions.

    Grace: In this digital age, paperwork typical lands in the waste receptacle. If clients do not have all they need post-site inspection, this is a good excuse to contact them through email.


    The number one tip from Michael is to show clients how excited you are to have them there. Ask multiple questions about the event and discuss how you can make their event meaningful and memorable. Enthusiasm is the key element here.

    Grace: Parking is an important consideration. Too often I have ended up frustrated because it took 20 minutes or longer to secure a parking spot or found that the one I selected was ticketed.

    Valet service is often offered by hotels that realize a large part of the experience is being welcomed warmly. If valet is not available, then provide tips on the best parking and warnings about restricted parking. This makes the entire process easier and stress-free while getting things off to a good start.

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