Top 2 Most Overlooked Yet Critical Business Services

    April 26, 2017

    When you start (or kickstart), own, or operate a business, there are literally an endless number of business services available to do everything from provide data on your market to ship out your products.

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    Yet while everyone focuses on the main options, there are a number of critical yet overlooked business services that make a big difference in the flow of daily operations and impact the level of daily productivity.

    After combing through hundreds of options, our experts conducted a complete data-driven analysis and round table discussion while documenting the entire cost benefit assessment before giving each service an aggregate rating based on individual votes.

    While the top-level services received nearly unanimously positive ratings across the panel, the real diversity occurred at the fringe levels and with regards to the evaluations for the most underrated business services.

    Here are the top two most often overlooked yet critical business services from the ranking list.

    1. Wireless Network Security. A huge majority of businesses (like residential homes) have wireless networks. Yet where a home network guards your privacy and personal transactions, a business wireless network guards critical internal and client related documentation and records that can cripple a business. And wireless networks are often vulnerable to security breaches as there is a variable level of encryption involved that can be hacked or “piggybacked” right into the main network, giving local attackers opportunities to do serious harm to your business and client base if they can get past your security measures. Have the IT department or an independent wireless network security consultant test and adjust your protection measures to ensure that they provide strong counter measures against data breaches.
    1. Commercial Janitorial Services. This one was a surprise to many of us on the committee, yet it turns out that many businesses fail to integrate the proper levels of commercial cleaning and janitorial services despite the fact that studies show that cleanliness can impact business decision-making. An aesthetic environment in a commercial setting acts much like the user experience (UX) of a visitor to a website is impacted by the cleanliness of the design and flow of the virtual interaction. “Look and feel” are critical parts in building trust, sales, and retention - the hallmarks of a strong brand. And the look and feel of a clean and sanitary business environment can overcome a host of environmental flaws and poor aesthetic elements, creating a net neutral or net positive commercial experience.
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