Where Do Your Dreams Live? How A Map Can Lead You To Success

    June 13, 2016

    Maps are a vital part of how we make sense of our world - early cartographers crafted boundaries and imagined what lay beyond them, explorers added to them, and even today we turn to maps to lead us through unfamiliar terrain. So why wouldn’t you map your way to success, sketching the confines or what you know and becoming the explorer who pushes beyond those? But if you did, what would go on that map?

    Everyone’s map to success will look different of course, but there are a few landmarks that will help push you forward. The key thing, as it always is when it comes to success, is simply to start - to strike out and own your dreams as more than just thought, as your total reality.

    Where The Heart Is

    Whether you work from home or in an office, your home serves as a center for success. By understanding the flows of your home, how people move through it, how the space is utilized, and what charges you and helps you feel creative. Do you want to be in the thick of activity or do you need a quieter place to think and plan? At the center of your map should be the place in your home that fills your heart.

    As Far As The Eye Can See

    Do you love to travel? Travel pushes our limits, helping us to assess our skills even when up against the unfamiliar. It creates a greater sense of self reliance, which is vital for entrepreneurs. Your map should include the places you’ve traveled and what you learned there as well as places you’d like to travel. Keep a special eye on those future places - taking the leap and flying across the globe may be part of the greater plan that leads you to success.

    Push The Limits Of Time

    Everyone has a hero who inspires them to greatness, but for many of us those are people from our past, or even before. Maybe you draw your fire from a great woman like Eleanor Roosevelt and her humanitarian work or from a liberator like Rosa Parks. On your map, allow yourself to time travel. Draw yourself into the past and imagine what interacting with your historic hero would be like? What would you learn? What would you say?

    These are just a few of the key details that might go onto the map of your dreams - the journey is all about you, your limits and moving beyond them to the amazing things that await. Any place that you hold dear and that feed what you do - the coffee shop where you write your business plan or the studio where you paint - should find a place on your map.

    Don’t forget to explore the connections between all these places - those will be the roads you travel. And like anyone trying to master the terrain, you will walk these roads many time. One day, though, the road will open before you onto something new and you’ll have arrived.

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