How To Find the Best Garage Door Installers and Repairmen

    April 3, 2017

    Whether considering repairing your existing garage door or replacing and installing a new one, finding a reliable contractor is the first step. This is easier said than done. Most people simply Google for garage door repair companies in their areas or search for the biggest ad on the yellow pages. However, the biggest ad on the yellow page or a Google page ranking does not equate to quality work. It simply means that the company has a bigger marketing budget than other garage door repair and installation firms. Customers who don’t pay attention when authorizing garage door servicemen often get grossly overcharged, upsold on features they don’t really need and settle for mediocre service quality. Following are 6 checks that will help you pick the best garage door professionals whenever you need one.

    Check If The Company Offers Emergency Repair Service: More often than not garage doors stop working at the most inconvenient hours. Some garage door repair companies offer emergency repair services to get you out of such sticky situations.

    Get Price Estimates From More Than One Company: One of the sure-fire ways to ensure you are not getting conned is to collect multiple quotations from different companies. Unscrupulous firms are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to hike the project cost. Simply call up multiple companies, describe the problem, and collect over-the-phone estimates. For example, if you live in Vancouver then perform a Google search of Canadian Garage Door Repair Vancouver and start calling them. Collect price estimation from at least 3 companies to ensure you are getting the best price for the job at hand.

    Ensure The Company Operates From A Physical Office: Companies operating from pickup trucks and vans are less accountable than firms with physical offices. Note down the address provided on the website and perform a Google Street View search to make sure it’s a legitimate office. You can also drive up to the address to collect the price estimates yourself, thus killing two birds with one stone.

    Check Online Ratings And Reviews: Customer references don’t always paint the truest picture. When asked for references, almost all companies will give you contact numbers of customers who were happy with their services while hiding the details of customers who were left unsatisfied. To get the full picture, go to an independent listings website like Yelp and checkout unbiased customer reviews and ratings.

    Don’t Settle For Weak Diagnosis of The Problem: One of the ways companies dupe their customers is by providing vague diagnosis and estimations and then increasing the project cost once the work begins. The technician should fully explain the problem, propose a repair plan, provide project timeline, and give a detailed cost estimation. Don’t sign off a project before you get all four.

    Be Wary of Aggressive Up-selling: Proper up-selling can be a good thing. It can help customers upgrade their current garage door setup. As long as customers understand what they are paying for up-selling can be mutually beneficial for both sellers and consumers. However, some companies resort to scare tactics and aggressive upselling to score a fatter paycheck. Try and understand the benefit of the upgrade and if you feel it’s unnecessary, ask the technician to stop up-selling.

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