How to send a parcel using myHermes delivery service

    March 17, 2017

    MyHermes has become one of the most admirable and successful brands in the delivery of parcels as well as other items. Before MyHermes dispatches its employees and transport systems, it focuses on aspects such as sourcing through the increased number of consumers, product testing and quality assurance to the consumers, a set of sea and air transport logistics as well as fulfilment services that will meet the requirements of the clients. To understand the operational procedures that are involved in myHermes delivery, it is important to reflect on the Hermes delivery details.

    MyHermes process of sending parcels proves to be quite easy once consumers consider the following six-step processes. The first step is the price of the parcel. The price is dependent on three key factors. One is the postcode that the client is sending their parcel from. Second is the postcode that the client is sending the parcel to and finally, the weight of the parcel.

    MyHermes offers reduced regulations to parcels that are below the base weight of 2kg. Any parcels that exceed this value is considered based on the parcel size. Measurements on parcels are controlled by the dimensions and weights as calculated. Any small parcel that fits in a box measuring 45cm length, 35cm width, and 16cm height and weighs less than 2kg can be valued and a price identified. However, the maximum stipulated size of any parcel is 15kg and 1,2m long.

    To make any myHermes parcel delivery, the client will be required to offer information on the contents of a parcel. Two concepts are identified in this section that include the contents of the parcel as well as the worth of the contents. To make this step easier, clients are required to add parcel references that appears on the label and in the order history of the respective client. Similarly, the contents section offers information on items that cannot be sent in the excluded items guide.

    MyHermes delivery for parcels considers the possibility that parcels may be lost or damaged during the delivery process. In this case, they offer a cover that includes how much the client can be reimbursed and if they would like to acquire guarantee signatures. However, this depends on the cost of the parcel as identified earlier.

    The delivery phase of myHermes parcels is the most important part of the steps. In this section, information about the receiver of the message is collected as well as additional delivery information that will ensure safe carriage of the parcel. MyHermes parcel delivery considers the confidentiality of any information provided by the clients.

    The fifth step of myHermes delivery is the login stage. Any client that desires to use myHermes services are required to sign up and login with the respective email address and password.

    The final stage is the method that determines how myHermes can acquire the parcel. It offers optional services that clients can choose two accept that includes dropping the parcel at one of the ParcelShops or availing it for collection by myHermes couriers at specific addresses.

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