The Advantages of Starting Your Own Company

    March 16, 2017

    The most important one is: You are the man, the boss, and those who do not obey you are doomed.

    1. Running your own thing is completely different from having to follow the rules the guys above you give either because they have to or just because they want to have some fun with you. Now you are the boss, you are the one telling people what to do and what not to do. If you do not see things done, or goal met, you have someone to get satisfaction from.
    2. You work only when you want, no more schedules or work times. Being the man means you can come to the job anytime you want and you can leave anytime you want.
    3. You can bring anyone you want with you. You do not have to ask permission to do this and that. You can bring your dog, wife, kids, teddy bear, bicycle, lover.
    4. You follow your own way. You no more have to follow someone you used to call a very rude name. You are the captain of your ship.
    5. You do not work to make someone else rich. From now on you work to make you rich. The revenues go for you, you keep the profits and no questions asked.
    6. You can start any project you want in no time. Who said you would have to ask anybody and then wait ten years before you actually start anything creative and innovative inside a corporation? With your own thing you start whatever you want, whenever you want.
    7. No one gives you orders, if someone does, it’s the last thing they give you.
    8. You take all the responsibilities. With great power comes…
    9. You are simply no one’s pet, slave, employee, you are the one.
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