The Ultimate Golf Workout Routine & Exercises

    April 21, 2017

    Are you wondering how to work out and what part of body would you like to train so as to be a good golfer? What exercises and muscles group that help to swing the golf? Is there any exercises and types of muscles hinders golf swings? How and when do we carry out all this knowhow? This article will have answers to your questions and help you become a good golf swinger.

    The amateur golfers has to implement ultimate golf work out routines and exercises because there are faced by many limitations such as: loss of posture during golf swinging, early extension when hips and spines straighten up too early on downswing, scooping during premature release of wrist angles through impact, Over the top where the club Is thrown outside of the intended swing plane. All these limitations are brought by some physical reasons such as: unable to separate upper and lower body, lack of shoulder and hip stability, lack of abdominal strength, flexibility of the wrist etc...

    In ultimate golf work out routines and exercises there must be some baselines for fitness before you begin workout. These baselines ensure your fitness of the body:

    Pull ups-Male should work out for 5 seconds and female for 30 seconds per hang

    Push-ups-Males and female should workout for 10 and 5 respectively, where the elbow pivot should be placed at an angle of ninety degrees.

    Bodyweight squat-You should undergo 25 squats with second pause at the bottom position where thighs should be parallel to the ground

    Aerobics-should be worked out as one mile,1.5 miles bike,500 meters row

    As a golfer in ultimate golf workout routine and exercises you need to target the muscles you can use on the course and master the effects on them .For an average golfer work out plan is four weeks. To enhance your game you need to improve dynamic flexibility that is necessary to form a greater acceleration and also you have to prevent early deceleration of club head to improve the distance of drives.

    The ultimate golf workout routine and exercise plan includes:

    a.    Release, reset and ready drills in a row before workout and rest days You should drill both sides of each area for 30 seconds

    Perform five breaths in alternative crossovers Perform ten breaths during elbow rock back Perform 10 reps to each side during twisting Workout 10 reps on each side during rib roll

    b.    Work out A and В alternations

    Mini band walk sideways -perform one set, 10 steps each direction. This resistance stretches band against your legs that strengthen hips and glutes and also maintain stability of the body

    Hip cross over-helps stretch your muscles and tendons in hips and lower back.
    • Glute bridges-workout 10 reps in one set. This strengthen the hamstrings and lower back
    Inverted hamstring stretch-workout one set, six reps in each leg to lower back pains and to maintain one posture throughout the swing and effectively transfer weight

    Lateral squat-perform one set,10 reps and this helps you by strengthening the hip adductor,glutes,groin,hamstrings and strengthen the quads

    Drop set lunge- activates and lengthens the muscles and strengthen glutes

    T-hip rotations-perform one set, six reps,each side and this helps in strengthening adductor's and also stretches the hips
    Quad rocking-work out one set,10 reps and this helps you with mobilizing one hip allowing them to perform correctly through the swing

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