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    4 simple steps for creating an online course and generating more income

    April 8, 2017

    Learning online is huge.  Millions across the world are signing up for courses to acquire new skills or update their knowledge

    You can create an online course and help others through your ideas, passion, and skills.   And make money in the process.

    There are many advantages that come with creating and selling your online course.

    That begins with registering your domain name and designing a professional website.

    Creating an online can projects you as an expert in your business, leading to other opportunities.

    Online courses can serve as a lead generator.  It can draw repeat traffic to your website as yours students come for their lessons.  

    You can also generate good earnings from your courses.  Reviewing your content from time to time and introducing fresh materials.

    But this may not be your route. You can choose to make a source of passive income that requires only an initial investment of time and resources.

    Creating an online course may seem complicated and expensive.  It was in the past, but with advancement in internet technology and software over time, the process is a lot more accessible today.

    So how do you get started creating an online course?

    You can talk to the people I use at about your website plans and what you need for a successful online course.    

    Below are four steps you can follow to creating your online course.

    Defining your idea

    It all starts with an idea.  Your idea may relate to a skill, passion, or subject.  While it is easy to conclude that your concept is great, it is better to ask how helpful will this be?

    Does it solve a problem or add value to the audience?  Are there similar courses online?

    The internet is vast.   And you should be worried if there is no one talking or doing something about your idea.

    Developing an outline

    The process involves creating a framework, breaking down the course into modules to make learning easy.

    Your training sequence will be influenced by the subject at hand.   A good outline will present the subject in an intelligent and progressive manner.

    Creating the Content

    You can create video tutorials with a webcam, a quality Smartphone, a digital camera or a professional video camera.  The options are many, and the technology keeps growing.  

    You can also create your course with a screen capture program, or record your podcast using microphones that go straight into your laptop or computer sound card.   

    Content delivery

    There are numerous platforms you can host your course at the moment.  The variety of these platforms and the numbers keep growing.  

    You may choose to deliver your course through a content marketplace, that handles all the promotion and technical requirements, or you may opt to host the course on your website and install the appropriate software.

    You can create a professional and well-designed website through, a leading web development facility in New Zealand.

    So, decide on the online course you will love to create today.   Share your skills and passion with the world.

    You may smile to the bank doing so.

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