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    7 Benefits to Air Conditioning at Your Business

    March 27, 2014

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    Air conditioning in a business premises is very important but many business owners neglect this due to lack of knowledge about how beneficial it could be to them, their staff and their business. We are going to look at some of the benefits of getting air condioning installers in and getting adequate air conditioning in your business premises.  

    Helps staff maintain peak level of performance

    If you have ever worked under hot conditions, you will understand how easy it is to get agitated when things become very heated.  As the workers begin to manually fan themselves or clean brows of sweat, productivity is hampered. It is worse for business owners whose staff have to do intellectual work for bulk of the day. With a properly air-conditioned business premises the staff will stay in optimal condition for bulk of the day. The will lead to improved or sustained levels of productivity.

    A lower temperature is not good for insects and parasites

    Basic biology teaches us that most insects can only thrive in warm humid environments. When the environment is properly air-conditioned, these insects will rarely develop to their adult stages before dying off. In the event where the eggs of these parasites have been laid already, they won’t go on to hatch.

    External allergens will be terminated

    External allergens like pollens are enough to make workers call in sick the next day after coming in contact. A properly air-conditioned business premises however, will reduce the chances of this happening to nearly zero.

    Lower temperatures lead to reduced risk of dehydration

    When members of your staff take frequent water breaks, productivity suffers. Anyone with a medical condition can easily exacerbate the situation by not taking enough water.

    Improved business relations

    When a client walks into a properly air-conditioned environment, it is easier to stay put while waiting turns or to discuss a business proposal properly. If the condition isn’t favourable, many clients will check the next place instead of hanging around unless they are under obligation to patronise that particular business.  Everyone wants maximum comfort.  

    Other important tips to keep in mind

    Keeping your business premises properly air-conditioned doesn’t equate to shutting out natural air permanently. This is not hygienic. The right thing to do is to open up the windows and doors so as to ventilate the area before turning on the air-conditioning unit.

    For both centralised systems and individualised units, the importance of professional maintenance and installation cannot be overemphasised. Regular checks help the systems continue to work optimally. Room temperature between should be kept between 21 and 25 degrees while average humidity should not exceed 60% t0 70%.

    With all of these tips, your business premises will be very comfortable and highly conducive for both staff and customers alike.

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