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    Advice for Office Removals in London

    September 19, 2013

    office removals in London

    Advice for Office Removals in London An office relocation is often more stressful than a typical family move. This is because there are so many things to consider beyond the move itself. Business interruption, business insurance, client notification and other factors make the business relocation very stressful for some business owners.

    Here are some ways that a business can save on relocation expenses.

    Insurance Policy

    Reviewing the business insurance policy prior to the move is always useful. Should items break or become damaged during the move, the items can be replaced under the insurance policy terms. If the coverage does not allow for the items to be covered at the new location, then a partial refund may be required. The detailed policy lowers out-of-pocket costs for replacing items if damaged. It is always best to review the coverage well in advance.


    Planning the move as far in advance as possible will lower the costs of the corporate relocation. Moves tend to happen during the warmer months. This means that scheduling a move last-minute during this time can result in higher moving costs. By booking the move far enough in advance, the company doesn’t have to worry as much about extra fees associated with last minute scheduling and planning.

    Tossing out unused or old items before a move saves a company money. Items no long in use can be discarded and left behind. Instead of investing time in packing and unpacking broken or antiquated furniture or equipment, the business can focus instead on the items they need. Some are able to trim the moving budget significantly by only moving items needed.

    Professional Teams

    Finally, having a professional team of movers can lower costs associated with a major relocation. Many companies rely on personnel to coordinate the move. While this may be convenient in the short-term, it can be costly long-term. Employee errors such as improper packing can cause items to be damaged during the relocation, which results in replacement of important equipment.

    A little planning goes a long way when it comes to planning a major corporate relocation project. Companies like Russell-Fewins office removals in London specialists recommends putting a detailed calendar together to achieve the smoothest transition possible.

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