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    June 26, 2013

    Corporate Woman Need Software

    Women entrepreneurs could end up using a very expensive approach with regard to the overhead of their corporate managers. Nevertheless, this can be avoided if women entrepreneurs have a committee that is comprised of right members who have the right set of skills. Also, using body corporate software, business owners can now manage their body corporate affairs regardless of the approach they follow. This innovative solution is less expensive and a must for a body corporate committee as it helps bring down the company’s overheads to great extents.

    The following are the numerous ways in which women entrepreneurs can benefit from using the body corporate software:

    •    Ease of Use

    The software can help improve work efficiency while reducing the overall work effort. It allows the entrepreneurs to post communications or send emails to the owners instead of printing labels and documents, which can be very time consuming. Committee meeting reminders will be just a text message away. It also allows the entrepreneurs to send notices to both email enabled and non-email enabled owners.

    •    Ease of Access

    The software is easily accessible anywhere with Internet connection. This offers flexibility to get the tasks completed while on the move.

    •    Highly Automated

    Using the body corporate software, women entrepreneurs can automatically generate, calculate and apply installments, penalties, and discounts and then, send them through email, post, or both. It makes use of an accounting system to support receipts and payments and to process cash. The software also supports up to five different bank accounts. Also, generating year end financial statements has never been made this easy.

    •    Consistency and Continuity

    The software also allows more than one person to participate in the administration of the body corporate. It also comes with an added feature that allows smooth transition for office bearers. Its streamlined and structured approach ensures that the records are correct and consistent.

    •    Secured Environment

    Using the software, security problems such as web attacks, data corruption, and fire or water damages to paper data are efficiently eliminated. All records are stored in a robust server that is hosted in a data center. It also comes with an automatic data back up within the server environment.

    •    Compliance

    The software keeps all accurate records of assets, exclusive use, reserved decisions, tenants, immediate past owners, and original owners, among others. It can also generate compliance reports to help assess the company’s records, in case of a state enabling legislation.

    •    Privacy

    The body corporate software also has the capability to define privileges that restrict users from viewing records. Alternatively, with a given authority, owners can access records of certain stakeholders. Also, all email messages are sent with full privacy of the user’s email address.

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