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    Business Self Storage Could Be Just the Help You Need

    January 13, 2015

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    Any retail operation, whether big or small, understands that both floor space and storage are important factors that need to be taken into consideration when analysing costs and profits. Extra floor space is a big expenditure when it involves buying or hiring the use of a warehouse. With this in mind Savour the Success spoke with a storage expert Thornbury Self Storage in Bristol to see what advatages using the cheaper option of self storage would have and why it would be a great help to your bus this would have. They told us "if you're looking to expand your retail operation or business without compromising profits, self storage is a potential answer that you may have never considered" let see what Thorbury reasons for this to be true.

    Self-Storage for Businesses

    Business Self Storgae

    If you are familiar with household self-storage then you’ll have some understanding of its concept – you choose the size of storage and pay a monthly fee to secure your property there.

    Business self-storage runs along the same lines, and taking advantage of the facilities and benefits that a self storage facility can offer will significantly reduce the astronomical monthly fees that can come with renting warehouses or extra office space.

    Experts in the field, such as Thornbury Self Storage appreciate the fact that businesses can be subject to sudden and unexpected change and are able  to be flexible should sudden business changes take effect eg fluctuating stock and orders. If a large order needs fulfilling, for example, more stock is needed to hand, so with self-storage, space can be quickly and temporarily rented out to cope with such occurances without any on-site space sacrifice.

    This also works particularly well with businesses that have to deal with seasonal fluctuations as no lengthy contracts and therefore wasted expenditure is necessary.

    Warehouse Space versus Self Storage

    Warehouse vs Self Storage

    Landlords and property management companies can often charge high monthly rental fees for warehouse spaces. Unlike business self-storage, these types of storage spaces are often not secured and can be located in areas that are not often suitable for your business. Older buildings may even come with structural defects, leading to a whole host of problems that could damage your items.

    When renting warehouse space, you’re usually subjected to long lease terms, along with strict and tight contracts.

    Business self storage offers modern and clean storage with high safety and security measures in place 24/7. Each space comes with a lock and the premises are usually monitored by an on-site manager, staff and CCTV cameras.

    Because self-storage is rented on a monthly basis, you're free to move at your leisure. You aren't bound to a strict contract for months or years, and the rental fees are often only a fraction of those charged by warehouses and letting agents.

    Your Items are Protected

    Protected Self Storage

    If the secure locked doors and property monitoring systems aren't enough to ensure peace of mind, business self-storage also offers optional affordable insurance plans.

    Business self-storage insurance is the perfect option for any type of business. Coverage starts at £1 per £1,000 of cover per calendar month at Thornbury Self Storage, meaning you receive the maximum amount of protection for a minimal investment.

    Your Lack of Space – Solved!

    Lack of space

    Whether you own a small accounting firm in need a extra storage for your files, or you run a large retail chain and don't want to spend thousands on additional storage for stock, business self-storage is the logical choice for you.

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