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    Cool Water Coolers for the Business Office & the Health Benefits

    August 15, 2013

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    As modern business women running a busy office its important to keep the health of your workers in good shape this will of cource benefit you with improved productivity and keep the team health and happy.

    Summer is the perfect time to discuss the health benefits of water, along with the options of acquiring it while working in offices. Our bodies are about 75% water, but we lose, even without exercise, about 2 liters of fluid on a daily basis.

    Because of this, doctors have long advocated that adults have, at a minimum, 8 glasses of water per day, to rehydrate ourselves so that we can remain energized and better able to concentrate. This has an added benefit to employers of increasing productivity. One study tested the moods of 25 women throughout their day, and showed that when the women were dehydrated, even a little bit, they tended to be in bad moods, regardless if they were working or at rest. The study helps to prove that one needs to stay hydrated to increase both productivity and metabolism and to help improve one’s mood throughout the day.

    Types of Water Coolers

    There are two main types of water coolers, Point of Use (POU) and Bottled Containers. Each type has advantages and disadvantages to them. POU coolers are the cheapest option, as they connect directly into the local water supply. They are also the most environmentally friendly option, as each eliminates the need to buy and store water bottles and cuts down on delivery trucks’ use of gas. They are energy efficient and have a water filter, to eliminate chemical tastes and smells. Because the water constantly flows through these types of coolers, there is less chance of potential contamination, and they are easier to clean.

    Mains Corporate POU

    The Mains Corporate POU, Water Cooler Direct has three different options for each office need, all of which having a higher capacity than normal coolers. The larger model comes in a chilled only version, while the other two offer hot and cold dispensed water and each is able to be manually adjusted to a high of 95ºC down to a low of 5ºC. The Mains Office cooler is able to have an optional Brita filter added, for added peace of mind.

    Bottle Coolers

    bottle water cooler

    Bottle coolers are perfect in office situations where water line cannot be easily tapped into. Because the bottled water is already filtered, there is no need to purchase or remember to change filters. These types do not need to be installed, and can also be placed anywhere in the office, which allows you to put them where your employees can access them the easiest. These can also be used in areas of the country where the local water supply is unusable. For those companies that require a sleek, modern look, the Designer Coolers are wonderful options. These top of the line models also have a Brita option for the optimum in filtering technology, and the coolers’ temperature gauge can be set at either ambient (just below room temp) or chilled temperatures (6ºC to 10ºC).

    Table Top Models

    Both types have table-top models available, and each is also able to produce hot water, for soup, tea and instant coffee or cocoa consumption. The bottled models use smaller bottles, like the Desktop version of the Silver Cooler, which helps prevent spills and storage problems. In addition, companies such as Water Coolers Direct make it easy for you to call and figure out which type and size would be the best fit for your company. What are you waiting for? The health and mental well-being of your employees are waiting on you!

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