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    Creating a Successful Lifestyle In Dubai

    July 8, 2014

    Lifestyle in Dubai

    Surrounded by the over-powering heat of the desert, expats will find that thelifestyle in Dubai largely revolves around activities best accompanied by air-conditioning. For an expat community who arrives here with visions of tax-free wealth to run there business with and the many oportunities from the business centred culture the heavy heat means that shopping and indoor entertainment options make up the epicenter of life. Dubia is a very viable option for the modern business woman to carve out a fantastic work life balence with both side being fully fulfilled.

    Woman in Dubai

    For the modern business woman in Dubai providing you are mindful of there culture they will be respectful of yours and its is no problem to work to your full potential. 

    Night-life and the fun side of Dubai

    Those relocating to the Emirates will find themselves floating in a fantastically vibrant social atmosphere. All types of activities are available from indoor snowboarding to phenomenal music festivals and world-class restaurants. Beaches play an important part of life and Dubai has some of the world’s most beautiful and enjoyable beaches where the nightlife is just as flashy as the daytime.

    As much of Dubai’s nightlife is centered around the hotels due to the strict liquor laws, it’s not uncommon to find local expats gathered around hotel bars until the wee hours when last rounds are being called. If you’re tempted to bring your family here but have any concerns about the culture, there is no reason to worry as you can be sure that this place is completely safe for families.

    Dubais High-class, Convenient Shopping

    If you enjoy cruising the aisles, the city centre of Dubai with its endless shopping malls will be thrilling, with selections of souks and specialist stores at every turn. Authentic Bedouin paraphernalia, Persian-style carpets and textiles abound in the local markets, while brand names and electronic goods can be scooped up at bargain prices.

    Most shops open from 8am to 1pm, and then reopen again after the heat of the day at around 4.30pm until 8pm or even later. Air-conditioned malls remain open from 10am until 10pm. Most shops, malls and souks usually close on Friday mornings.

    Buying Property to Invest in Dubai

    So as to increase international investment and put the country on the map as a global hotspot, Dubai’s crown prince issued the innovative Freehold Decree in 2002, resulting in formal legislation allowing foreigners to buy, sell, lease and/or rent property at their own discretion. Buying property in Dubai has become easy and potentially profitable for foreigners. The real estate market is now out of the recession and many new projects have been announced by property developers and the government. As such, the property market is taking off in Dubai and the time is right to look at profitable purchases and new ventures.

    The Purpose Behind Your Purchase

    To achieve maximum profit, identify your exact reason for purchasing a property – either for investment purposes or to live in. The purpose behind your purchase can greatly affect what type of property you should consider. If the aim is to earn constant returns in the form of property rental yields, carry out some research to discover what type of property will provide the highest rental income. For example, one-bedroom apartments will have higher yields than large villas; although owning a villa in Dubai is tempting, it is a better business decision to purchase a smaller apartment.

    Always take advantage of the services of a licensed Dubai real estate company, because they have the expertise to assist in making the most accurate property decisions, based on current knowledge and market activity. That way, you will be able to enjoy everything that glittering Dubai has to offer.

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