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    Customization Options for Signs and Banners Used for Advertising

    October 28, 2013


    Customizable vinyl banners and signs are very common forms of advertising. They are preferred for a number of reasons; people love the affordability, durability, and vast customization options of these signs. Even with all the customization options available to designers you might have noticed that many of these banners look very similar. The key to creating a sign that will stand out is knowing how to implement some of the more advanced design options available to you. The next time you make a sign, refer to these tips to see just how easy it is to enhance a basic sign. You will be surprised what a difference they can make.

    Add a QR code

    QR codes are compact squares of black and white blocks that appear more or less random to the human eye. Electronic eyes, such as scanners and even smart phones (with the right apps installed), can decipher the information packed inside that small box. QR codes are unique because they can store alphabetic and numeric information; this makes QR codes ideal for communicating website URLs. It is much quicker to scan a QR code than it is to write down a URL or type it into your gadget.

    So why include a QR code? When someone reading your sign scans in the code they can access additional information in just seconds. You can direct people to an online storefront, a politician’s bio, a social media account, or any other online information that is related to your sign.

    Include a portrait

    Many banners are used to promote a political candidate or to boost awareness of a particular person. You can add visual interest to your sign and increase name recognition by including a portrait along with a name. It will only cost a little extra to add a graphic to a basic sign. All you need to do is provide a clear, well-lit portrait of the person you would like to feature. The picture will need to be scanned at a high resolution or taken with a camera that can save an image in sufficient definition. Your printing service can tell you more about the image resolution specs required for including a portrait on a large banner.

    Full color backgrounds

    Even if you have no need to include a portrait on your banner you can still take advantage of photo-realistic printing technology. A full color background will really draw attention and make your message stand out from the crowd.

    Full color backgrounds can be of a single color, a gradient of two or more colors, a tiled background, or a large wallpaper-style background image. The price of these different options can vary a great deal so it will be worth your time to shop around and compare prices at different print shops.

    To avoid a full color background from obscuring any of the text, adjust the levels to make the wallpaper image a little paler or less brightly colored. You will find that a few small adjustments will make the text much more legible without taking away from the quality of the background image.

    A well-designed sign does not have to cost significantly more than a mediocre sign. In fact, there are a few underused design options that can really make your sign stand out without adding a lot to the overall price. These little tips will help make your next banner a winner!

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