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    Freight Service Types and Benefits For Business

    November 22, 2013

    Freight services

    Almost every company is involved with different types of freight service companies. Any time a package is delivered to your company, it was done so by one of these companies and using a professional company like FCL Global has many benefits to look at. There are many different ways the package could have arrived, as well (with each method having different benefits). All packages are shipped via some combination of air, sea, rail or vehicle traffic, with cost and locations usually playing the greatest part in how they were shipped.

    Air Freight

    For those companies that have a need to have shipments arrives very quickly, air freight service is far and away the quickest method. This allows products to be either brought into or shipped out of the UK quickly and efficiently, with the shipping companies being able to handle multiple requirements, such as going through customs, housing the shipments in warehouses, and in some cases, even being able to deal with assembling and distribution of products for the customer, all for one price. Those that are involved in air freight are usually very knowledgeable with international rules and regulations, and are in the position to give expert advice to speed shipments through, when needed.

    Sea Freight

    For deliveries that are not as time sensitive as would be needed for air deliveries, ocean shipping is an excellent alternative. Companies that are in this type of shipping usually have many different vessels covering multiple major shipping lanes, all ready and open to handling your business. Most companies involved in air freight are also involved in shipping via the sea, so they also are experts in customs, housing the shipments and getting them to the specific markets once they have arrived in the correct country. They will also be able to give different vessel options for you, so you can pick and choose the best ones for your specific needs. 

    Rail Freight

    Once the shipment has reached the closest location by air or sea (or maybe the shipment never even left the same country), it can continue one of two ways: by rail or vehicle. In the USA, the majority of cross-country shipping is done via rail. One major advantage that train traffic has over vehicle traffic is the ability for multiple freight cars to be hauled in one load, rather than being forced to spread them out to two or more different trucks.

    Vehicle Freight

    These types of shipments are by far the most common, with thousands of companies delivering packages and shipments daily. The major advantage over all other types of freight services is the ability to go from point to point, especially when they are in the same country or continent. Other advantages of vehicular deliveries are the dedicated fleets that each company relies on, and the costs associated with these types of shipments (usually the lowest among all methods). Larger companies will have multiple kinds of vehicles that can be utilized for your needs, whether they are small vans or 18-wheel trucks. You could even take advantage of temperature controlled vehicles, if that is what your shipment required.

    Your Shipment, Your Way

    Whatever your companies needs may be, from a package delivered one time only, to thousands of products arriving or shipping out worldwide on a daily basis, you have multiple options available to you. Whichever options you choose, know that there are many companies out there willing and able to do what it takes to make sure your products get where they need to go quickly and efficiently. All you need to do is reach out to them.

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