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    Getting Noticed

    September 4, 2013

    Trying to get yourself noticed above all the competition, is one of the hardest things to achieve for any company, never mind a relatively new one. There are a variety of ways to try and achieve this, one of which is attending trade fairs. It’s best to go for the largest, most well known within your industry, and if you can get some publicity in the local trade news even better.Having decided on which exhibition you would like to attend, make sure you book your stand space promptly. The best locations will soon get snapped up, so if you want to make the best impression you can, you will need to secure the best stand and floor space that is financially possible.

    Invest In a Professional

    Presenting your goods and services in the best possible way is of paramount importance. All your competition is likely to be on show too. This means you will need to create something out of the ordinary and eye catching, to bring in your desired clientele. Unless you have your own experienced and comprehensive marketing team, then using a professional has to be the most sensible and cost effective way to go.

    A professional display company is an investment in your businesses future. They can bring you potential new clients, which in the long term, may more than cover the initial short term outlay involved. They will also bring creativity, something difficult to find within your own organisation as familiarity can stifle inventiveness! No matter how committed you are, there is nothing like a totally new perspective from an independent source.

    Creating an Inviting Stand

    If you are thinking of using graphic display kits, make sure you opt for something lightweight and mobile. Unless you have a very specific design in mind, then it is likely you will need to adapt and add to the display once you are in situ. Try to incorporate somewhere inviting for visitors to linger. Your literature should be prominently displayed. A seating area is always a good idea, this invites visitors to pick up your companies promotional material, and take a seat to read through it. Adding vibrant plants can also add interest. Make sure they are in modern and vibrant planters, this will enhance the look of your display.

    Going it Alone

    If you are on a restricted budget, and will be installing the exhibit yourself, then consider buying modular equipment that is lightweight and simply to install. Some companies, like Merit Display, can both supply the product, and train your staff on how to install it. This will help things to go smoothly on what is usually a stressful and arduous day. Make sure your signage is clearly visible. There is an array of methods of displaying material. A double sided fabric banner is great for making the most use of the available floor space.

    The majority of people going to trade fairs go with the intention of buying either then, or in the near future. It doesn’t have to be the biggest, or the most expensive stand to be successful. Creating the right exhibition stand can be the best marketing investment you make.

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