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    Got a that Swanky New Job in London? Here’s a helpful guide for new movers

    April 13, 2015

    renting in London

    I’ve lived in London before and I have many friends that live in London now. It’s such an exciting place to live in and there’s always something going on in and around the nations capital. If you’re starting a new job in London or your simply looking to move to a more vibrant place to live, this article will give you a short helpful guide on where to start looking for property and what type of flat or house you should be looking for, depending on your living situation of course. I worked with London2Let, a property and flatshare specialist in London, for some handy advice for this article and we both decided on these tips being the most important aspect of a new move to the capital!


    Probably the most popular way to live in the capital at the moment, renting a flat or house is a great way of having some place to live without making the large financial investment of purchasing the property. There are no shortage of places to rent, however you must make sure you do your research and go and see the property first hand because often they sound a lot better than they really are! Don’t just rely on the pretty pictures provided! Popular places to live are north London around the Hamsted Heath area, although it is a tad more expensive!


    Sharing, or flat sharing as it’s commonly known, is basically renting out a property but instead of having it for yourself, you’re sharing it with a flat mate or flat mates. This is great for new movers who are simply looking for somewhere to live in the short to medium term before stepping out on their own and either renting their own flat or buying their own property. This is also a great way to meet new people in a new city! When I first moved to London, this is the route I chose to go down for the first year or so and I loved it!


    House prices are quite a bit more expensive in London than anywhere in the country and although there has been a slight dip in house prices, they’ll probably always remain quite pricey. If you have the finance to purchase some property in London however, there are many sites and estate agents that can help you with your target. Getting on the property ladder as early as possible can only be a good thing and it’s also a good investment for the future. Research the areas of London that you’d prefer to live in and make a decision on the size property you want and jump in with both feet girl!

    Hopefully this article will give all you new movers a touch of helpful advice on where and how to start looking for your new home. Hope this helps!

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