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    Great Investment Opportunities with healthcare property: Practical tips from real estate giants

    February 12, 2016

    health care property investment

    New legislations may be taking away some of the shine from property investment but it is still without doubts one of the best vehicles available to investors today. Thinking of starting your investment? You could do very well looking  into a health care property portfolio. Here are some top tips from experienced investors.

    Patience is vital

    Investment is long term no need to rush or panic

    While many would-be investors fully understand the importance of assessing pros and cons before investing in a property, only very few are patient enough to do proper analysis before making the plunge. Some investors take the bait after listening to sales pitches from developers when they would have been better served communicating with agents first. Always bear in mind that the property business is a long term game and you should avoid putting yourself in a position where you will be forced to sell.

    Work with the right professionals

    Audly health centre

    Unless you are a genius with degrees in law, accounting, engineering, etc., you need the services of professionals to build your property portfolio. Consider going into strategic estate partnerships as they have been proven to help property owners achieve maximum capital growth.  Make sure you are working with people that have been proven in their field such as PrimePlc.  If you have dependable lawyers, accountants, builders, surveyors in your ranks, you will not only maximise profits but also enjoy peace of mind in a relatively complex environment

    Think of ways to improve your tax efficiency

    health care property Tax

    If you are focused on becoming a property investment success, you need to find a way to stop paying the taxman more money than necessary.  Steps you can take include making sure your  income from your property portfolio is divided between you and your spouse in the best tax efficient way and maximise savings on tax deductible items like furnishings.

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