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    Health and Safety in the Workplace

    November 22, 2013

    Health and Safety is very important in the workplace. Some people see health and safety in a negative aspect. They see it as an unnecessary restriction. However, people’s minds are beginning to change as health and safety becomes a crucial role in many workplaces around the country. Whether you are in a warehouse with forklifts or in an office, health and safety needs to be implemented to make sure the employees are working in a safe environment. This article will attempt to layout some of the key techniques that can be used to improve health and safety around the workplace.

    Carry out a Risk Assessment


    Before any other techniques can be completed, it’s very important that your business or company carries out a risk assessment from a health and safety professional. The assessment will highlight potential accidents that could happen as well as recognising where there could be some risk of injury. This assessment will then show where the most risk is and appropriate steps can be taken reduce it.

    Provide Training

    We’ve all seen those dodgy 80’s health and safety videos about how to lift a box properly. Although the videos are cheesy, they deliver an important message. Give staff in the company proper health and safety training to minimise the chance of an injury. This can be done as a group, or individually.

    Health and Safety Signs

    Health and Safety Signs

    It sounds obvious but, putting signs up that shows up potential hazards is important. This lets people know to use caution in a certain area. There are many other reasons to use health and safety signs as well, such as harmful substances and chemicals, site and industrial warning signs and electrical warning signs. There are companies out there like Proshield Safety Signs  who do a great range of warning signs to highlight any potential hazards in the workplace. Just make sure you make a note of anything that could be hazardous in the workplace so you can buy an appropriate sign.

    Appropriate Clothing

    This doesn’t mean people doing a 9-5 in an office have to wear high visibility vests all the time. However, it does mean that people who are working outside around moving vehicles or equipment need to be wearing a bright shining vest so that they stand out. Machinery is dangerous so high visibility vests must be worn to minimise risk of injury. 

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