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    How can my new business use Telesales to increase profit and turnover?

    October 9, 2014

    New businesses often face many challenges that generally may not impact established businesses as significantly. One of the most significant challenges that must be overcome if the business is to be successful is to boost sales while still keeping marketing and advertising efforts within budget. The fact is that telesales is an excellent solution that can be used effectively by many types of businesses to overcome this common challenge, and you can begin exploring the benefits associated with telesales to determine if it is suitable for your business model. 

    How Telesales Work 


    Telesales can be used in a variety of ways for different types of business models, and this includes business-to-business and direct-to-consumer models. Experienced sales professionals can contact your target audience directly via phone to solicit sales and to provide them with information. In some cases, these may be cold calls to identified potential consumers. In other cases, these may be calls to consumers who have requested contacted via your website or other methods.

    The goal of a telesales phone call may be to execute a full sale or to pre-sell or screen customers. For example, the telesales team may answer basic questions about products or services and set up a live appointment for your traveling sales staff members. This effectively means that your traveling sales team can be more productive and can use their team more efficiently by visiting screened consumers who may already be more interested in making a purchase.

    The Benefits of Telesales

    While there are different ways that companies can use telesales today, the fact is that this method can be beneficial in many ways regardless of the methodology. For example, it can be cost-effective to employ a sales force over the phone, and this is because a phone-based team may contact many more customers per hour than a live sales force may be able to do with site visits. In addition, the ability to screen candidates before the live sales force visits them can make their efforts more productive. The budget of a new business often is limited, and there is a need to increase efficiency and decrease overhead as much as possible.

    Even having one or two telesales professionals working for your company can be highly effective at keeping overhead low and increasing profitability overall. If you would prefer to outsource your telesales rather than keeping it in house, companies like GLC Direct – lead generation professionals set the trend when it comes to selling your product and are particularly good with new companies looking to expand into the telesales market.

    While there are many challenges that new businesses face, it is imperative for all businesses to find a way to increase sales while minimizing overhead. Telesales is a cost-effective solution that is suitable for many business models because of the different ways that it can be utilized. You can learn more about how to create a telesales team and how the efforts of this team can most effectively be used to promote your efforts today. 

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