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    How to select the best Smartphone that perfectly complements with your day to day business needs

    September 6, 2013

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    Today, individuals are not only acquiring Smart business mobile phones for their personal use, but rather for business or productivity purposes. Competition from product manufacturers has drastically intensified, and as a result, mobile phone gadgets have become cheaper, powerful, and feature rich. This particular situation has made it incredibly difficult for consumers to make proper decisions whenever selecting their business phones. However, there are certain key factors that should be taken into consideration before purchasing a smart phone.

    Carrier network

    Smart phone users should go for mobile phones distributed by carriers who are reputed to be having the best service provision. Go for operators with the best signals, and also ensure that both of their voice and data tariff are also affordable. Ensure that the carrier provides superb customer service.

    Enterprise support

    It is also advisable to consider whether your enterprise IT department supports features from a certain mobile phone make or model. A primary advantage associated with your smart phone IT support is that the IT department will always come to assist in setting up the product remotely, troubleshoot, or even synchronize the device with enterprise wide information systems infrastructure in order to access vital corporate resources such as the e-mail exchange server, intranet, and extranets.

    If you are planning to constantly connect with the corporate network infrastructure then it is advisable to go for Blackberry or Windows Based mobile phones which are regarded as the most supported devices in corporate networks because they provide enterprise IT department with flexible controls due to their business oriented features.

    Physical Qualities

    Whenever evaluating your smart phones there are also features that impact the decision on whether or not to acquire a specific model. These features include voice quality and keyboard input. For individuals who enter so much information on their mobile devices, it is advisable to go for a device with a physical keyboard rather than annoying touch screen displays. An excellent voice quality is also of paramount importance because without a clear speakerphone it is going to be inherently difficult for communication to be heard at the other far end.

    Data speed

    With today’s business needs speed is essential. Check if your mobile phone provides support on a 3G or 4G network. This is very useful when downloading or uploading huge files such as PowerPoint presentations. Businessmen also have very tight schedules and may decide to initiate conference calls via their smart business phones, and because online conferences are resource intensive in terms of bandwidth requirements, then the mobile phone being used in such conferencing activity must be able to support high data speeds.


    The smart mobile gadget should also come with multi-band capabilities which indicate that the mobile phone can roam in different countries across the globe. This implies that whenever traveling you don’t have to incur costs associated with buying a new mobile phone and swapping subscriber identification module (sim) cards every time you arrive or depart in a foreign country. This saves time and money not mentioning the added convenience of only using your specific mobile handset.

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