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    Learn to Budget and Save While Traveling

    October 31, 2013


    You dream of traveling the world, but you budget keeps you from doing it. However, you do not need thousands of dollars set aside to go on an adventure abroad. The most important thing is that you spend wisely while traveling. You need to be clear in your priorities and make a list of the things, experiences, and comforts you cannot live without. For example, staying in a cheap hostel is worth it if it lets you explore and do more things in an exciting new city. The ultimate goal of traveling cheap is to not miss out on opportunities because you lack cash, but to expand your options even while traveling on a budget.

    Buying Your Ticket Abroad

    The first thing you need to do is find a cheap ticket. One way tickets are usually the cheapest, and the best times to find these are in September or February in off peak times. Try to organize your trip around one of these two departure dates to get the best deal possible. You should also scan social media platforms and blogs for tips on cheap tickets. You might be able to score a round trip ticket for less than one way during special promotions. Always be on guard when looking for travels deals on flights.

    The best places to fly into are Dublin and Lisbon because they are further west than other major European cities. The key is to get abroad because you can always use budget airlines and buses to travel across the continent. Ryanair is based in Dublin, and you can go anywhere from there for less than a pint if you are lucky. Easy Jet and Transavia are other cheap airlines you should consider if you want to discover Europe. You do not need to book these too far in advance because most budget airlines cap at around forty euro the week before. This leaves plenty of room for spontaneity if you meet some fun backpackers.

    The Food Dilemma

    Food is a big deal for many travelers because they believe cuisine is the best way to get a feel for a new place. They are willing to spend money at a proper restaurant for each meal and often Payday Loans help to fund the trip. However, others do not value food as much. These travelers think that grabbing fast food or making pasta in the hostel are perfectly suitable options. It can be hard to rationalize spending fifteen euro on a meal when you are poor. Yet, it can also be hard to grab a Big Mac when you are in a country like Italy or France where great cuisine is the norm. Your goal is to find a happy medium when it comes to eating while traveling.

    Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this problem if you do your research. Ask locals where they go for a quick and cheap bite to eat. Many will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Markets are a great place to score fresh produce and local specialties for a bargain price. Street vendors are also great places to score a deal on delicious and authentic cuisine. If you are open to exploring your dining options a little bit, then anything is possible when traveling on a budget.  

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