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    Looking at the rising Business Between Azerbaijan and the USA

    June 23, 2014

    Azerbaijan is Booming

    Zqan Holding is a massive Azerbaijani business that has grown to become a major player in the Azeri economy. It is the brainchild of Anar Mammadov who is one of the brightest individuals from the country, you can see Anar Mammadov interviwed on the to see his great business standing. Several companies make up this group and they cover Finance, Hotel and Leisure, Construction and the Transportation sectors. The target for Zqan Holding is to become a supportive force for Azerbaijan is different markets to demonstrate how the country is developing and equally prove the business circle across the world that Azerbaijan deserves attention. The business shows a perfect example of doing business within and outside the country while at the same time supporting the country via the right promotion mechanisms.

    USA and Azerbaijan Partnership

    USA Azeri Flag

    It is worth noting there is growing support and partnership between the USA and Azerbaijan driven by Anar Mammadov and this increase in the Azeri economy. So far we have seen 3 Annual conventions between both countries the latest was held on the 30th of April 2014. The convention saw the partnerships being grown between delegates from the Azeri, U.S Congress Members, and business leaders to discuss views on how to further grown this worthwhile alliance.

    Support for the Azeri Economy

    No better way to show support to be Azeri economy than employing citizens. The group has an estimated 7,000 employees and their approach to human resources in the country is one that hinges on investment in people as the best possible investment. They have achieved this with the running of regular training sessions as well as sponsoring employees to go study in different countries. The trained individuals return better equipped and ready to transfer the knowledge they have gained to other people.


    In the construction sector, the group has won a lot of contracts with majority of the projects involving the development of residential buildings. One of the big achievements of the company in the construction sector is the building of the Rixos, undoubtedly one of the biggest hotels in the country. Zqan Holding’s exploits in the construction sector demonstrates the fact that the sector is booming and many people are in the right position to buy houses.


    The group has contributed its bit to the tourism sector, an area where lots of things need to be done especially in the food and beverages branch of the country. In Azerbaijan, the dining culture is strong and thus there is need for this to be exploited by the right companies. Zqan Holding understands this and thus they have continued to send employees to locations like Los Angeles to hone the required skills lacking in this sector.

    Interestingly, Zqan Holdings and its interests in the Azeri economy remained virtually immune to the financial crisis of the past decade. In general, the group witnessed less than 3% downturn in fortunes with a bulk of it coming from the banking arm of the group. The construction company arm was next on the list but the Holding’s spread meant they were never in any danger, therefore safely navigating the difficult years with their work force intact.

    The Zqan Holding example is an interesting one which shows that Azerbaijan has everything investors can ever need to succeed. Chief among these is political stability and trustworthy partnership. The economic situation has continued to improve tremendously with wages also improving. All of these are indications that the country is on the right track.

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