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    Packing Tips to keep you Eco Friendly whilst Moving House

    August 25, 2014

    Looking after the environment is key these days. Everyone is more eco conscious and this is a great thing because we only have one planet so we need to look after it. Everyone can do his or her part to keep the world a nicer place to live in. If you’re an eco warrior like I am, or you’re happier to be more involved in green issues, this article will give you a few hints on how you can stay eco friendly when your going through one of the most stressful times of anyone’s life; the dread ed house move! Moving house is manic and stressful, however, you can still stay green during the move if you follow these ideas.

    Rent the correct size van

    If you have a relatively small amount of furniture and house items to transport, there is no point in renting a massive moving truck when your stuff doesn’t even fill up a quarter of it. It will waste petrol and will cause more harm to the environment. Make sure you rent a moving van that is perfect for your situation or a company that uses the correct size of moving vehicle you are looking for.

    Buy degradable boxes

    Chances are you’re going to need a lot of boxes to help move all your home items. Instead of buying plastic boxes, why not buy Pack King cardboard boxes instead as they can be recycled after the move. If you want to reuse them, simply fold them flat and store them away. You can even buy cardboard boxes that are made from recycled materials!

    Clean using eco products

    Before, during and after the move, there’s a fairly big chance that you’ll need to clean either the house you’ve moved out of or the house you’re moving into. Make sure that you clean the house with eco friendly cleaning products that use non-toxic chemicals. These are much better and cleaner for the environment. You can buy these products online or even in your local supermarket.

    Hopefully, the house move hasn’t stressed you out too much and you’ll be able to enjoy your new house without too much stress. If the move has stressed you out however, you should feel happy in the knowledge that although you may be stressed, your actions in staying as environmentally friendly as possible, whilst moving house, should offer you some comfort!

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