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    Preparing for the LSAT

    October 28, 2013

    Law School

    If you want to be a lawyer, you have to start by going to law school. Thousands of students apply to each of the ABA-certified schools every year, and the vast majority of them are turned down. While grades and extracurricular activities play a huge role in these decisions, one unique factor is the LSAT score. This admissions test helps to weed out the unsuitable candidates from the suitable, and every school has a minimum score that must be achieved for a student to be added to their roster. If you want to get into school, then, you first must overcome this obstacle.

    How the LSAT Works

    The LSAT is an entry test required by law schools for entry. While not the sole deciding factor in admission, the LSAT does play a significant role in deciding a candidate's place on a school's 1L roster. The test itself is divided into three basic sections——reading comprehension, analytical reasoning and logical reasoning. Only the first is similar to the questions asked on other admissions tests——the other two sections are meant to test skills that are useful specifically in law school and in legal practice.

    Why Choose Test Prep?

    The LSAT is one of the hardest graduate admissions tests offered in the United States. Unlike the GRE, which largely depends on the knowledge that a student gains in college, the LSAT focuses on how well a student can think. While one can go back to prior knowledge to a limited degree on the verbal section of the test, the logic sections require that the test-taker think in a very specific way. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is hard to come by for most of those without significant LSAT prep. Without countless hours of drilling and study, the LSAT can be a barrier to law school entry.

    The Online Prep Advantage

    When preparing for the LSAT, always make sure that you consider using an online option. While the test itself is taken in the traditional manner, LSAT prep is more beneficial when you are offered a variety of tools to use. Online prep includes in-depth videos that allow you to understand the workings of the test as well as tools that can help you to solve more questions in less time. Using online LSAT preparation tools can help you to bring your score up and to separate you from the crowds with which you will take the test.

    If you want to go to law school, you need to be prepared. Getting a great LSAT score is a good place to start, but you will need to make sure that you use the right LSAT prep tools to get that score. Preparing for this test is just the first step in a long course of study that will culminate with the Bar Exam. Learning how to study and prepare for a major test today will help save you countless hours in the future and put you on the best possible footing for your legal studies.

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