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    SEO is Still Vital For Business in 2014 - Lets Run Down Why

    April 25, 2014

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    To be successful in the modern world of business you need to use the Internet. More and more people are making purchasing decisions based on information on the Internet, and are making their actual purchases through their phones, desktops, laptops and tablets as well. Companies that fail to realise the significance of search engine optimisation are missing out on potential business opportunities.

    The mobile revolution

    Mobile Revoloution

    Across the world smart phones have led to a revolution in the way that consumers interact with brands. We now spend more time searching for products and services on our phones. Ever since the iPhone was released in 2007 we have had computers in our pockets, making us able to find local products and services with a few taps of the touchscreen.

    Tablets have equally made it easy for us to search for what we need on the go, or from our couch. All of this adds up to a situation where businesses need to have a responsive website that is search engine optimised.

    Search Engine Optimisation Has Evloved

    Evolution of SEO

    Some people have been shouting from blogs and forums that search engine optimisation is dead. They point to statements from the Google Web Spam team and say that it is impossible to buy SEO success these days. This argument is simplistic and unrealistic.

    The reality is that quality focused Link building, top quality on-site content, and well-structured on-site interlinking are vital to the success of any website. Gone are the days when a business could purchase 20,000 links from poor quality websites, placed by cheap Indian outsourcers, in order to achieve success.

    Quality not quantity is the path to SEO success

    Today the search engines are looking for quality indications that a website is trustworthy. Google uses somewhere in the region of 200 algorithm indicators in their ranking process. Some of the indicators are there as a filter to identify spammy Web promotion practices.

    Businesses that can understand the quality indicators that Google, and other search engines, use in their ranking process will be able to rise in the rankings, receive more targeted visitors, and drive more conversions.

    What works in 2014?

    SEO Change for 2014

    In 2014 the activities that work for search engine optimisation are based around getting high quality links from good websites. This means using social media to create an authority to your brand. It means producing top quality guest posts and doing outreach activities to authority websites in your field. It means producing regular quality content for your website. It means understanding semantic keyword strategies in your website content development.

    Can you afford not to?

    payday from SEO

    Search engine optimisation is a proven route to more conversions. There is no doubt that companies that embrace search engine optimisation, and take a quality focused approach, are more likely to have great success in their industry. These days you probably have to spend more in order to achieve success. However, the return on investment received through a well optimised website can be staggering.

    Outsourcing? Make Sure you Choose The Right Agency

    freelance SEO

    If you need (as many of you will) to choose an agency it is vital with the amount of terrible SEO companys out there to pick the right one as this industry is renowed for snake-oil sales people that will sell you the dream of top rankings and either do very little or spam you to rankings with black hat techniques that will be short lived and damage your web site. I have worked with many agencys from the bad to some real gems such as (personal recommendation for smaller operations to get great priced deals) you should ask other business owners and check places such and who have a list of recommended persons.

    Promoting your website online also enables you to dramatically enhance the exposure of your brand. These days we have social media as a means of gaining referrals. If you have a quality website, with quality content that is being found in the search engines by the right people, you can quickly rise to number one in your field. It takes investment but it is worth it in the end. Search engine optimisation is indeed vital to your success in 2014.

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