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    Should You Pursue Customer Service Certification?

    September 18, 2013

    Should You Pursue Customer Service Certification?

    There are companies that offer training courses that can certify employees as trained customer service representatives and managers. Once a person has finished a course and become certified, they can then train other employees or use the skills they learn in their position each day at work. Course content can vary, but generally it focuses around techniques that help a company keep its employees and provide better customer service in a number of different ways. By carefully considering what your company expects to get out of a customer service training course and how you expect employees to improve after earning certification, you can ensure the money your company spends on the courses is not wasted.

    Company Goals

    Before deciding to have employees complete customer service certification, managers in the company may want to sit down together and discuss their goals for the company. They can decide what approach to take and choose what angle to take to find solutions. For example, managers could decide to focus first on keeping up with call volume and reducing customer wait times, or they could choose to step back and re-center the department around a quality-first perspective. Many times, the two approaches can end up with the same results, as customers who have their issues resolved quickly may feel they had a better service experience than those who are put on hold, even if they receive a thorough resolution of their problem or answer to their questions.

    Room for Improvement

    Certification courses are not only for companies that feel they have significant room to improve. Instead, even companies that are satisfied with their level of service can benefit from learning new approaches and finding new ways to tackle old issues. The courses can help a business save money on training costs and through increased levels of efficiency  that are achieved when employees learn new tactics for call center management.

    Current Training Methods

    When choosing a customer service course company to do business with, you may want to evaluate your current training methods to discover what has worked and what needs changing. Instead of focusing on completely overhauling the way your company runs its call center, you can preserve the effective policies that employees are familiar with and understand how to use as part of their daily routine. Too many changes at once could overwhelm employees and disrupt the level of service they provide. Training changes can be implemented in stages, starting with new hires and then introducing policy changes to veteran employees. You may want to consult longtime employees about changes in management strategy learned in a certification course in order to get their input and include them in the process of improving the company.


    Employees that complete certification courses may be the most motivated individuals in your call center, and as such, your company may want to recognize their achievement and initiative by offering them leadership positions. This does not necessarily mean a supervisory position; instead, it could be a special project where they control its implementation from start to finish.

    To learn more about what certification courses are available in the customer service industry, contact a course company that has experience working with businesses in your field.

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