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    Throwing an Amazing Corporate Party

    November 6, 2013

    Business Party

    In most cases, a business corporation will need to host a party or event. This could be for several reasons; a festive office party, a function to welcome new or potential clients, an award ceremony or an opportunity to thank hardworking staff.  As such an occasion will be a reflection on the company, it is vital to ensure that the event runs smoothly, is properly organised and displays the company’s professionalism. The difficulty with this is having the time and funds to do so.

    Hiring a Planning isnt Expensive

    It is a common misconception that hiring a party/event planner will prove costly. On the contrary, these planners will have many reliable contacts and have extensive knowledge of how to host event at the most competitive prices available. A successful event planner such as Classique Promotions will have built stable relationships with suppliers and will most likely have access to discounts.

    Give Yourself Time

    Hiring a planner means that you don’t have to spend valuable time organising event yourself, or cause unnecessary distractions to already busy employees. A planner will have many years experience as well as knowing the best venues and trends to ensure your event makes the desired impact. There are many things to consider, such as lighting, décor, floor plans, seating arrangements, catering and entertainment. An event planner will have tried and tested reliable contacts and will have the foresight to anticipate any potential hiccups that may occur, as well as having the experience to deal with any problems that arise smoothly and quickly. This allows employees to focus on creating a great impression when networking, speaking to new or potential clients and enjoying a worry free event.

    Lots of Imput its Your Party

    Of course you will have input into the running and style of the event. Planners will work closely with you to ensure that you get the result you want, whilst saving you the time and trouble of researching suppliers and comparing costs. Most will set up an initial meeting with you, brainstorm ideas and agree a fixed price that works for everyone. If staff are required, for example waiters/waitresses or bar staff, an event planner will be able to provide reliable people that they will have worked with before. It is in their interest to maintain a great reputation for themselves as well as you.

    Other Things to Factor In

    There are other factors that someone organising an event may not initially consider, such as licensing laws for alcohol and entertain, and health and safety issues. A reputable event planner will know all the legal ins and outs and will be covered by A-class insurance.

    With corporate events and parties becoming increasing popular, the number of planning organisations are increasing rapidly. This means that you can expect competitive prices and choose from a wide selection of services to suit your needs. It is worth doing your research to find the right match, as you will want to find someone you can work well with and is able to manifest your ideas, but once you have made an arrangement you are happy with you can relax, let them do the hard work and concentrate on having an enjoyable and productive event.

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