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    Why Cloud Computing is a Business Winner

    December 15, 2013

    Business Cloud Computing

    In the old days, a few megabytes of space was considered a blessing, but now the storage spaced needed for software, data, and customer files is astronomical. Before cloud computing, large storage and business applications were a costly and time consuming choice. Any company trying to compete on a technological level must consider offsite storage and computing. Cloud computing is one option for this.

    Cloud computing is now a mainstream technology leading to change in everyone business model imaginable, from the large corporation to the small family business. In today’s economic climate the cloud platform allows room and storage for companies that could not expand to other means. The cloud also sets up options for IT technology and new implementations that allow for upgraded projects, new employees, and computing technology. The cloud types include varies types of mobility, collaboration, and security. Exploring inside the cloud will help to answer any questions you have for your company.

    Inside the Cloud

    There are several options for the cloud model: the public (available to all in the general public), private (only available to those within the sharing circle or corporate firewall), community (shared between organizations), and finally the hybrid (a unique combination of public, private, and community). The cloud is the game changer for businesses today. It is elastic, productive, innovative, flexible, and accessible. According to experts in the field, the private cloud is designed for larger companies that have their own IT staff, data centers, and large investments in infrastructure. Small business will benefit from models best suited to their needs and should research what those possibilities are we reccomend netsuite here at Savour the Success as they have a proven track record with our IT department and come highly recommended for business so see what they can help you with today.


    The cloud offers many options for the business looking to expand both mobility and collaboration. For companies that will to expand to at home employees or telecommuting opportunities, the cloud is the way to go. The mobility of applications and programs allows companies the freedom to move about and not be tied down to a brick and mortar location. Trend setting companies use the cloud more and more in order to provide opportunity and development to break into expanding global markets.


    The best aspect of working on the cloud is that you can share and collaborate on projects and work without needing to be in the same room with all your coworkers. When you upload your work to the cloud you can share it with all the others on your team and collaboration can take place at all hours and in any location.


    No matter what choices you make, one priority will always be security. One big question business owners ask is, how do I know my company’s information and proprietary ideas safe out there in the big World Wide Web? This concern is legitimate with phishing and hackers out there preying on every person surfing the internet. Technology through cloud computing allows for more secure locations for business storage. The concern for privacy and confidentiality is the concern of most companies on the cloud. Therefore as you explore which cloud computing agency your company will use take the time to explore your options and ask many questions. Compare options and find the best cloud that meets your needs.

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