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    Why having an impressive website is important for your business

    October 13, 2014

    Every business today needs a website to connect with customers and become successful. It is necessary to have an impressive website and not just a random page filled with meaningless information. You should understand why having an impressive website is important for your business.

    Create a Good First Impression

    The first impression consumers have of your business will be your website in many cases. You need an impressive website so that you can create the best first impression possible. Consumers who arrive at a poorly designed or malfunctioning site are going to have a negative image of your business for a very long time. First impressions are difficult to change so a good website can start a relationship with a new customer on a positive note.

    Easy Navigation and Browsing

    The success of your business relies on the ability of visitors to navigate through the website and find the information they are looking for. A badly designed site could make it impossible to navigate to key pages and potential customers could become very frustrated by the design and simply leave. An impressive website includes clear and easy navigation so that visitors can get directly to the products or information needed. Professional companies like Kalexiko use creative and impressive web design to create an ease of navigation; see Kalexiko's projects here for examples of what a new and improved layout could look like.

    Trust and Confidence

    The reality is that your website is a reflection of your business. A website with a bad design, non-functional features, multiple errors and bad graphics can make visitors less trusting of your site. This will reduce confidence for new customers. The result could be visitors who do not trust your business or your site enough to make an online purchase or try your products. An impressive design will instil a large amount of trust and confidence in visitors.

    Build Your Brand

    You want an original and impressive website in order to build your brand online. Visitors will quickly forget your business if you are using a generic design with irrelevant graphics and clashing colours. They are much more likely to remember your brand and business if the website captures their attention right away. Your website design can become an integral part of your brand.

    Get More Referrals

    If your website is interesting and impressive, then visitors are going to be more likely to tell friends and co-workers to visit. Referrals translate into more traffic and potentially higher sales. The best way to get referrals is to have an impressive website that is functional, informative and attractive. Referrals can introduce your website to people who might have never found it otherwise.

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