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    Why Small Businesses are turning to Digital for Exposure

    July 9, 2015

    Being a small business in today’s cut throat business world isn’t easy. There are always challenges and potential dangers that need to be avoided, however it can be really rewarding if a business is run successfully. One of the ways to maintain a successful business is to make sure it’s easy to see in the public eye. Advertisements are a good way of doing this and there are many techniques to this option. The tired and tested method for years has always been in the form of print. This involves newspapers, yellow pages and magazines like the Friday Ad, which only exists for business to advertise their services to potential customers. However, with the rise of smartphones, tablets and computers, many people see newspapers and print media as a dying art form. Therefore a business has to rethink how best to advertise. Going digital seems to be the best and most efficient way forward. I spoke with flowink, a digital agency in Hertfordshire, about some of the reasons why going digital is crucial for local small businesses.

    It’s Cheap

    Building a website for a small business isn’t as expensive as you might think you know. Sure if you want to go for the most expensive option with extravagant and original designs then yes the price will rise. However if you simply want a smart, functional on all platforms and easy to navigate round website, there are plenty of digital agencies and website designers than can do it for a relatively small fee. You can also use the digital realm for advertisements and not just to create your own business website. Find similar websites, not direct rivals, and enquire about advertisement opportunities.

    It’s Flexible

    Going digital for any business is a good move because it doesn’t matter what industry it’s in, a lot of people are now hooked up to the world wide web. This means that your customer base will increase massively if your business gets online. The range of business’s online is vast so no matter what you’re selling, chances are there’s a market for it.

    It’s Accessible

    Most people I know have smartphones and most of them use them to browse the internet. People aren’t just browsing on computers these days. This means that no matter where a person is, they can access your internet site. They could be on the go, on a bus or even sitting at home. How does that make a difference to your business? Well if you join the digital world with a website of some kind, customers can access it anywhere and everywhere making it far more accessible to users worldwide.

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