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    Would Your Office Benefit from a Vending Machine

    July 30, 2014

    office vending machines

    Whether you are redesigning your office space, creating a breakout area or simply trying to find a convenient way to provide food and drink for your staff, a vending machine can provide the perfect refreshment solution. However, investing in a vending machine is no small.

    This is why we have compiled a quick guide which details the main advantages a vending machine will offer and why your office would benefit from having one…

    Accessibility and Convenience

    One of the main advantages of an office vending machine is that food and drink is constantly accessible. A necessary part of human existence, it is a vital workplace provision and having refreshments on-site means there is no need for your employees to get them elsewhere.

    Popping out to grab a snack or a cup of coffee may seem a small task. However, when you total up all the time lost it will make a huge dent to productivity. Having a vending machine installed will mean your staff won’t have to leave the workplace for things such as this as they will always be conveniently nearby.

    Staff Satisfaction

    Not only does a vending machine make the provision of workplace refreshments accessible, but it can also greatly improve staff satisfaction. Being able to make a cappuccino or a hot chocolate easily and from the comfort of your office is great for staff morale, especially if they are offered free of charge.

    Snacks and cold drinks from a vending machine are often cheaper than if you were to get them from a shop and having them on-site and always in stock will remind your staff that you care about them – something which is vital to motivation and productivity in any workplace.

    Additionally, as an employer, you may wish to subsidise the cost of products from your vending machine, making it cheaper for your staff and boosting morale even further as a result.

    Branding and Reputation

    Aside from the benefits internally, high quality vending machines can make a great impression upon visitors and prospective clients. Whether you’re offering them a cup of coffee or providing refreshments during a meeting, being able to offer good quality products will enhance your reputation and create a sense of brand quality that will reflect well upon your team and the services you offer.

    Fully Managed Service

    A fully managed service means all the maintenance and upkeep of your vending machine is dealt with by a team of trained operatives. Professionals will visit your business premises as frequently as necessary to ensure your machine is fully stocked, cleaned and maintained.

    Not only does this relieve you of the responsibility, but it is also removes the necessary kitchen tasks not having a vending machine will impose, such as the provision of tea and coffee, the regular replenishment of milk and the frequent cleans that nobody ever wants to do.

    This post comes from the professionals at Express Vending, vending service providers for businesses small and large.

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