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    You need an impressive website to grow your business

    November 17, 2014

    In the world of business it’s really important that you look the part. For instance, if you were in the business of selling high end cars, you wouldn’t want to show up to work in a Hawaii shirt and moped. You need to give a great first impression. The same goes for websites. Most businesses have a website that they use to sell or advertise their goods so it’s vital that it creates a good impression on your potential customers. Impressive doesn’t mean the flashiest and most extravagant one you can get as you can get a really good website designed for much cheaper than you can imagine. I spoke to Wes the web design expert for Cude Design for his expertise on what features should a website have to give it a great first impression and these are some of the aspects he told me.

    Easy to Navigate

    You could have the best looking website in the world but if its impossible to navigate round, customers will be quickly turned off. Make sure you have all pages that branch off from the homepage labeled correctly in different tabs or menus. Before you put the website live, make sure you test it thoroughly with a variety of different people. A website that’s hard to navigate round is destined to give of a poor impression

    Give it Space

    If everything is all cluttered together on the homepage, it will make it harder for the potential customer to decipher what and where to click. Give everything as much space as possible without it looking too sparse. There is an art to doing this and it can often involve using subtle shadows on boxes and adding subtle effects to create the illusion of depth.


    You don’t have to have a font for your text that’s outlandish and crass. You need a font that adds to the theme of the site. Whether this is using the standard fonts that you get from Microsoft, or you use a font you created yourself, gauge the tone of your business and choose the font accordingly.

    Keep it Neutral

    Some may be tempted to go for a colour that stands out. This is often counter productive however, as it can often clash with pictures and other graphics. Neutral colours are becoming more and more popular in the web design world. The colours are simple but yet very effective when used correctly. Combine this with a beautiful typeface and you have a great theme building!

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