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    Dr. Russ Lea is the Primary Investigator and Founder of Many Multi-million Dollar Projects

    August 23, 2016

    Academic mentors offer the necessary help to students about their career and academic paths by providing advice and information about school policies, course schedules and career preparation. To help students majoring in that area of study, many colleges and universities may staff academic consultants in each department. Academic guides may also take on more miscellaneous tasks, as well as counseling on a broader variety of issues.

    Dr. Russ Lea has an eminent history of inaugurating a clear vision for administrations and using it to bring progressive change.  He is skillful at managing and procuring funding for far-reaching projects and is an experienced academic and scientific researcher. In March 2012, Dr. Lea joined NEON, where he oversees its key project as Incas Chief Executive Officer, the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON). To collect data across the United States on the impacts of land use change, climate change and invasive species on biodiversity and natural resources, NEON is funded by the National Science Foundation.  It is the first view point of its kind designed to identify and simplify envisaging of ecological change at continental scales over several decades.

    Dr. Lea was vice president for investigation at the University of South Alabama, prior to joining NEON, Inc. (USA), where across the institution, he managed research growth including resource development, interdisciplinary research efforts and instrumentation of all stages of study administration.  Former to that, he served as associate vice chancellor for research at North Carolina State University and vice president for research at the University of North Carolina.

    Dr. Lea was a professor of soil science, forestry and ecology, and was active in research before serving in academic administration.  He has coauthored and authored numerous publications, papers and journal articles on topics ranging from environmental science to research funding issues, and was full of life in the founding of the Society of Ecological Restoration.  From SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and from Syracuse University, Dr. Lea holds Ph.Ds. and from the University of Washington, a Bachelor of Science degree.

    Throughout his extended career, Dr. Lea has been a recurrent speaker at industry conferences and at universities, and has been in demand for programs precisely venture funding, targeting innovation and entrepreneurial leadership. To speed the process of innovation to commercialization, he has collaborated with national governments, administered university or research squares, venture capitalists and organized angel, endorsed the start-up of several faculty-based corporations, handled intellectual property offices and led very large research associations (industry/university/government).  He has also been the principal investigator and founder of many multi-million dollar investment projects.  He serves on the Forest History Society, Innovation and Leadership Executives, international boards of the Association of Growth, and the EU Analyses of Experimentation on Ecosystems (AnaEE).  Over the past five years, he has served as a thought leader and participant for the Innovation and Leadership (GIL) conferences, Global Community of Growth, and most newly as a presenter at the International Conference on Research Infrastructures.

    Dr. Russ Lea also counsel directly with organizations, and plays a fundamental role in the success of these companies, from helping them choose the correct courses to accomplishment of the best business path.

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