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    April 23, 2009

    Successful women entrepreneurs are inspiring. That's why I wrote my book, and that's why I love networking with all of you here at Savor the Success. And, as a blogger, I think it's especially important to share our ups - and downs! Here's my down for the week. You know my goal is speaking engagements. That's why I'm committed to networking and working my business. To reach others, to spread the power of women entrepreneurs, oh, and of course, to make money to support myself and my kids. 

    I was contacted this week by a company putting together an event in the Middle East. Past speakers were huge names - all men - but I was excited. My manager answered the inquiry and sent very reasonable rates, especially for cross-world travel! The event contact said the fees were too high. I'm not negotiating. That's because I'm worth it. And I know who they've hosted before, and know their speaking fees.

    It's easy to discount ourselves. But we can't. We're valuable. Our time is valuable. Holding firm is hard - but in the end, it's the right approach. If we don't value ourselves, no one else will.

    So on to the positive things that have happened this week: I've met more fabulous women entrepreneurs. And I'm interviewing another tomorrow on my podcast! These encounters energize me - and reconfirm my commitment to my business. Earlier in my career, while working for different advertising agencies, I could spot the entrepreneurial clients the moment the meeting began. It's a special spark, a flame of creativity. A passion. As a marketing executive for several large service companies, I had the privelege of packaging that spark into break-through brands. And at the helm of my own writing business, each time I interview an entrepreneur I smile. It's fun and inspiring.

    What else do all of these entrepreneurs, and all of us, have in common? Hard work, of course. Businesses don't just happen. But they do when entrepreneurs find it within themselves to create a unique brand and bring it to the world. Authentically. With purpose. And when you say No to projects where you're being undervalued.

    Maybe next week, somebody will ask me to speak to their company, and value my time! I know it will happen, it's my spark's time!

    Have a great day! Oh, and follow me on twitter if you're there!

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