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    How to be a Successful Online Tutor.

    April 18, 2017

    Technology has eased the way many things are done. Education sector is one of the biggest beneficiaries for both the students and the creation of jobs for teachers. The world has become a global village and with so many nations that want to learn the English language, internet provides the best platform for them in terms of flexibility. Tutors are also able to reach a big number of people and they can teach at their own time. One thing that is similar with the other types of careers is that it needs preparation, expertise, and dedication. To get started and become successful as an online English tutor, there are several things that ought to be put in place. Some of the major contributors of success are:

    i. Taking the English certification course.

    Working with a reputable company puts you on the front line in becoming a successful tutor. For you to work with a reputable company, you must have English certification from a reputable organization such as TESOL. This would ensure that you have an international recognition in your career. At the start of the tutoring career, you should not look so much on the payment but rather the exposure and experience.  As you progress, your experience over time will yield higher pay. The tutoring career is not only helpful to the students but also you, as a teacher you get exposed to different cultures and gain more skills and confidence that are needed in building your career.

    ii. Ensure you build your network with other teachers.

    Networking is one of the surest ways of getting exposure and more jobs coming your way. You are also able to get recognition from other potential clients. By joining a network of online English tutors, you are able to get connected to the like-minded teachers with so many helpful materials and resources. Another way of building your network is by use of print outs. After a successful teaching, you can use post card printing or seasonal greetings cards as a way to show the clients that you are thinking about them. This gives them a sense of touch and that someone is remembering them.

    iii. Choose the right communication platform for your students.

    Skype is one of the most preferred communication platforms because of the ability to make clear and audio calls and at the same time, the tutor and the students are able to send large documents easily. All that is need is to create an account and once you sign up, it is easy to follow the students’ performance.

    These some of the major aspects of success as an online tutor and you are able to shape your financial feature easily.

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