How Can You Keep Your Momentum in Your New Job?

    October 9, 2015

    After months of several job hunting, you’ve finally landed a new role! Now you’re probably faced with the question of how will you be able to sustain your success and build on it.  

    There is a myth that for every ups there has to be a downs. There cannot be anything more untrue than this. Our focus should be entirely on building on our past successes and increasing the momentum towards our desired outcomes and long term goals. Now, if in any case you haven’t established any long term goals just yet, it is never too late to assess your current situation and how this new role could help lead to a much clearer and better career path for you.

    Let’s explore what are the best key steps for you to keep moving towards the career advancement ladder with the help of your new role.

    Identify personally constitutes your success

    Take a sheet of paper. Jot down your definition of success. What does succeeding mean to you? What is the exact definition of success to convert your vision towards a reality? Write down in specific terms what success means to you, both on a personal as well as in terms of the organization that you now work for. The idea behind this exercise is to create the desired vision yourself and not allow other people to impose their standards on you. It will also help lead you to become better with you daily activities knowing that each one leads you to a clearly defined successful path for you.

    Plan your 24 hours

    While most of us prefer to plan only every first month of the year, make it a habit to plan your week and daily activities. Every one of us has 24 hours given in one day. If you let other people dictate how your time is used up, you’re done. The way you use your time will determine whether or not you sustain your earlier performances and build up over them.

    Reflect on your long term goals

    Before taking any decision or moving into action or investing in an idea, ask yourself this question, “Will this decision bring only a short-term gain or will it increase my chances for sustaining my current success and building on it?” Pausing to reflect on this question will help you avoid stumbling and moving forward with greater rigor.

    Your daily activities should help build your integrity

    In whatever activities you may be doing for the organization, make sure that you don’t lose your integrity in the process but only help build it within the company. While there may be times when you’d be tested to do something that’s against your principles, it’s not only the short term success that you’re aiming for here. Your company will value and respect you more and in the long run when you hold your ground.

    Focus on your capacity to deliver results

    Blaming others for your own failures may feel good in the short term, but it will keep you from taking hold of your results for the long term. Always take responsibility for your results regardless of whether they are good or bad. This will help you to make steadily improvements. Preserving and maintaining the right to earn your own results is critical. If you give that up, you lose the ability to guide your results over the long term and in turn, lose the ability to achieve sustainable success.

    Define and stick to your purpose

    One common denominator among all successful individuals and organizations is that they always have a clear purpose that they hold on to for an extended period of time. Without a clear and compelling purpose, it is highly unlikely that you will maintain the energy and rigor to continually improve your performance and results.

    Build upon your past success and keep improving

    Success is not an isolated event, it is one step in the overall journey of life. Looking back at your life and extracting the valuable lessons can add to your repertoire for improving your decisions while moving forward.

    Achieving sustainable success is not some outlandish wish. Instead, it is a process that has to be carefully followed and executed with the utmost discipline. With time, achieving your desired outcomes without falling over backward will be achievable.

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