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    Quick Sales Tip: Build Strategic Partners & Referrers

    February 26, 2012

    Here is one of the very best ways to build your business, in step-by-step instructions: 

    1. Know (really know!) the business value you bring to the market & how you are different.

    2. Find like-minded people who know and trust you and regularly connect with them. 

    3. Be genuine and add value to THEIR lives and THEIR business. 

    4. Don't "spray and pray" all about you and YOUR business. When people like you, they naturally get curious and visit your website, check out your social media, and learn more about you. 

    5. Here's the clincher: EVERY 3 months, or EVERY month, depending on what you are doing, send an inspirational postcard to all of your "strategic partners" - with a tip of value or a request to learn more about what they are working on right now. This list might have 5 people, 10, 20 or 50. 

    6. When people regularly get messaging from you that you are here to stay, building a fabulous business you are passionate about, enjoy learning about them, and sharing their good news to your network - they will think of you and recommend you. This is assuming that you have a niche solution, not a very general one. So if I offer social media services to busy at-home business owners that is more of a niche and easier for me to recommend than if you help anyone with social media anywhere in any way. Niche it down, be clear, and keep contacting those who know and trust you. 

    7. Periodically you will have the opportunity to let your network know about something special you are offering or a new product or new services. That's when you talk about your stuff - but always showing why these products and services benefit others. 

    When I started out as a business consultant, I created a list of 75 people who were in business and could refer me to many others if they just knew what I did, and if they knew it would be "safe" and help make them look good to refer me. I created a 12 month campaign, sending an inspirational postcard every month on the same day. To my surprise, a couple of these folks started putting them up on the walls - collecting all 12 because they were beautiful and said great things. My message at that time was simply, "I'm here for the long haul - and what are YOU working on that I can help get the word out about?" 

    Share your successes with this strategy, as I am sure some Savor members have done or are doing this. It helps others to hear your angle on this very powerful strategy. 

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