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    A Brief Knowledge About SMP

    December 10, 2014

    The human head has an average of 2000 hairs per square inch under healthy conditions and in case of losing the hair in unnatural ways will be depressing. In the event of balding and thinning of hair in both men and women the person will affect greatly in terms of confidence and mood. And the Scalp MicroPigmentation will be an ultimate solution simply being a non-surgical scalp grooming option. 

    Procedure involved and benefits of the SMP

    In micropigmentation, the natural pigments will be applied at the epidermal layer of the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles. Since this treatment is suitable for all types and stages of hair loss, on all ages, colors and skin types, the trend is growing now by drawing global attention. The scalp pigmentation will give the look of a complete and youthful head of cropped hair. It can also be used to simulate the full-front, side or rear hairline. It can be suitable for both partly bald and fully bald conditions. The symptoms of all level of Alopecia can be treated effectively by rejuvenating the scalp and hair follicles. And in further it hide the scars, burns and birthmarks by boosting the visual effect of a hair transplant. Since the pigmentation process includes the follicle rejuvenation, the fear for side effects as in drug and pills intake is eliminated by ensuring the confidence and better attitude quotient among the users. Since the pigments used are regulated organic compounds, the fear for temporary as well as permanent health effects can be eliminated. The SMP technique simply allows the user to feel natural and young without showing any side effects and artificial look.

    Options available in market

    The vast scalp micropigmentation treatments carried out are classed as permanent and temporary while for all intents and purposes, the SMP is permanent. The permanent options are more likely to stick to the people’s mind but still people who want to take a trial on their new look wishes to carry a temporary option. In case of thinning and receding hair line, the preference will go to permanent SMP since it won’t give any drastic change on one’s look. But when considering the bald cases in men, adapting the new look will remain as major deciding factor and hence the temporary hair replacement option can be chosen. And in case of women, the permanent hair replacement option is found to hit the market and the pigmentation is also chosen to make a thicker look to their hair. With much developing cosmetic industry, the hair thickening factors are getting more significance. The pigmentation techniques are considered to be more effective and efficient when compared to other hair replacement methods. The best way of pigmentation is available in http://www.vincimicropigmentacaocapilar.com with much dedicated guidance. With growing technological advancements, the laser is now turned to very impressive in such kind of scalp and skin treatments. The process is also found to be reliable and worthy while comparing to any other sorts of cosmetic treatments. The scalp micropigmentation remains as a permanent option in covering the scalp with even hair density as well as a healthy look.

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