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    March 1, 2015

     Entertainment is needed for today’s generation  and get feel less boring; this can be accomplished by many entertainment device that can be anything like movies, serials, sports, play stations, bike riding, parties and others .But most common entertainment system is television (TV) and some time referred as a telecommunication system or mass media telecommunication system. The purpose of television is transmitting and receiving the sound signals and images through the antennas .in early year there were no television and entertainment things were entirely different; day by day man is gradually developing his technology more sophisticated way; likewise they found television as an entertainments media but early days were used as sharing the communication across the country. Entertainment system may differ people by people and country by country, but women are mostly entertained by television in more comfortable way.


                    Let’s see the somewhat history of television ;after the world war Two, TV were placed in a common places such as commercial group, houses, business places and institutions. Then it became as public option since 1950’s color televisions were became popular in US and all other countries at the middle of 1960’s.digital televisions were introduced at the end of 2000 and smart television, internet television has been introduced since 2010.televisions are connected with cables by using Co axial cables, fiber optic cables and satellite .today more sophisticated televisions are available in market such as LCD, LED. In earlier the television was  not be compact and colorful but today TV are becoming more compact and high definition color, high clarity and also providing three dimensional perspective view for animation .


                     Digital televisions are occupying today’s world due to its precision and compactness additionally providing online TV app called as project free.tv In this busy world no one has to time to sit and watch their favorite movie or serial or any kind of television live show, this is happening due to work pressure and some more common factors. But fortunately this TV free app providing facility to rewind any movie or serial or any live shows at anytime and anywhere ;this is mostly helpful for travelers, migrate peoples and all. It can be suitable for all kind of people and easy to install and easy to grasp whatever we want. Online shows and apps are creating more impact on even children, adults and aged people too every one try to spend their leisure hours or rest of time with gadgets through online. The main features of project TV free is open source platform hence every one can access it and code was developed by C++ (ASCI standard) so it is user friendly and high security.

                  This can be utilize without power and cable unlike TV cable and more comfortable to use and compact too can access even via android mobile phone .naturally everything in this world has both positive and negative approach we have to utilize what is need and useful for us .

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