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    Demand And Quality Drives The Personal Care Market

    December 10, 2014

    The concern about personal care is rising among men and women of 21st century. Appearance may deceptive but one in ten people are evaluated by their appearance. Personal care industry is booming right now and its potential customer is female however, there is considerable volume of industries operating to fulfil the aspirations of men customer. The personal care industry is wide platform which comprises of skin care, hair care, Deodorants, Oral care, bath and shower, men’s grooming and fragrance industry. The demand for these products is always inclined which enables the industry to grow.

    Revenue in skin care industry

    Skin care is one of the key sectors of global personal care industries which are the major contributor in the revenue. The current worth of skin care industries is $110 billion from which worth of skin care products alone $90 billion and sun protection shares a worth of $9 billion. A statically portal forecast the market value of skin care industries in 2021 will be $151 billion which shows its growing trend and its rising demand. The potential customer group for skin care industries is population between 18 and 45 years since the targeted population about 45 years is declining recently. But skin care industries are working on strategies to get back the lost customer base in order to achieve more profit. The product which has high demand among consumer is age care products which delays the process of aging. Health awareness and environmental campaign among people instigates the demand of natural and organic products which is predicted as future trend and catalyst for the health and beauty industry. Apart from skin care products, sun protection cream and fragrance are contributing a considerable volume. Currently EU is the regional market leader for skin care products and the growing Asia-Pacific market will surpass EU in next few years. The increase in demand for personal care products also increase the revenue of associated industries. The global personal care packaging industry will reach $28.2 billion by the year 2018.

    Revenue in hair care industry

    Research and market, a research firm reports that global revenue of hair care industry will reach $82.2 billion by the year 2018. The industry comprises of hair oil, shampoo, hare care treatment, hair colours and hair styling products. European region is dominating the hair care industry which is closely followed by Asia-Pacific region, which is expected to surpass European zone very soon. One of the leading hair loss treatment institute http://www.vincihairtransplant.com said that the rise in demand will boost the cost of raw materials is which force the manufacturer increase the price of products. Also there is increase in small players which makes the market more competitive and it strives industries to produce a quality product in order to survive in market since people are well-informed by online sources. 7 out of 10 internet users make a research in internet before going for a treatment or buying a product.  People started to share information among the peer groups which has significant influence over the sale of products. At the same time personal care industries are devising strategies to meet all the challenges.

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