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    Details of Email Scam Busters

    February 25, 2015

    Scams are done by different methods using different modes like addressed mail, telephone, Internet and email or face-to-face. Email scams busters are the method of intentionally deceiving people for personal gain or making damage to another person through email.  Immediately after the evolution and popularisation of email it became a popular source to defraud people. Email scam is one of the most common scams in the recent years.

     Scam Buster is a person who gives information about the different types of scams. Now-a-days software is also used for the purpose. This software provides help in identifying the scams. The email scam busters use different methods to cheat the people. The different email scams found are email spoofing, Phishing of data, providing bogus offers or sometimes requesting to help.

    Email spoofing is the method of sending emails in the name of another. The common technique used by them are hiding the actual sender’s name from the mail or sending the mail in the name of another. Since this is a criminal offence these types of emails indulge in at least a minimal amount of spoofing. Spoofing is done by criminals to avoid getting easily traced by the police. 

    Email scam also includes phishing of data. In this email is received from a known person probably close friend or a business contact. Normally, the person is asked for the resubmission of personal information or similar request in the site. The information if provided will be used by the con man that may use them as they wish normally for a fraudulent purpose.

    Request for help is another form of email scam. In this, the email is sent to the person requesting for some financial help or some other monetary help also with tags like providing with some rewards. This is one of the long existing scams and is constantly done saying different reasons and for different purposes.

    Romance scam is another form of email scam in which the person involves in romantic chats and sharing romantic mails. The fraudster pretends to be a man or a woman and tries to build a romantic online relationship. They say some fake reason to get money. They ask for money by saying some serious reason and the fraudulently take money from them.  

    Email Scams busters also provide bogus offers and tempt to get the information of get monetary benefits from the persons. This also includes mails regarding selling of some product at an unbelievable price.  The product will never be delivered and the money may not be return as it is not from the particular concern. 

    The modern versions of email scams are commonly known as “Nigerian scam” or “"Nigerian All-Stars” because of the reason that they are typically originated from Nigeria. An advanced fee scam or lottery is the scams in the modern days.

    Since internet has grown so rapidly that email scam has also increased. Email scam busters help us to avoid scams. The email scams can be avoided by keeping the email address confidential. Using of spam filters is another solution. Many spelling errors in the email indicate some fraud. Ignoring the offers and emails from unknown address is the best way to avoid being cheated.

    Scams like financial offers of schemes can be avoided by getting an independent financial advice from experts and checking using the email scam busters. People should not sign up immediately into any website as they may lead to some site which will get the personal information and use it illegally. Schemes that offer money or a gift after signing up should be avoided as they will take the personal information and may be used for illegal purposes.

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