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    Diet And Weight Loss Statistics

    January 7, 2015

    The United States is the third largest country in population with around 318 million people and almost $65 billion is spent on the weight loss programs. The overweight and obesity are the most prevalent situations commonly found in the developed states. The number has increased from past decade and the health status of the citizens is getting worse. This let the weight loss industry to grow among the Americans and even it have an impact on the food and beverage industries. The dietary measures on the food scale have encouraged the food industry to adapt the dietary compositions since it is effectively needed. The soft drinks are made to adapt the situation in means of diet drinks and low calorific beverages. The spending on the health clubs are increasing with $19.5 billion and the medical plans framed especially for weight loss has received $8.25 billion. The commercial weight loss centers have earned almost $3.29 billion and even the diet books and exercise videos are found to have an incredible support from people.

    What are the impacts of dieting

    Roughly 50 percent of Americans are trying to lose or maintain their weight by any means like choosing the dietary substitutes or simply through physical exercises. The important thing to be considered here is monitoring the health factors during dieting and the Americans are really concentrated on this. The dietary forms usually include valuable health supplements like choosing the organic nutrient additives. Few essential organic supplements derived from garcinia cambogia and maca are in lead among the Americans with proved positive effects. An estimated 108 million American adults were dieting which has a growing trend at present. The most common methods used by the Americans in weight loss are cutting down on foods high in sugar, eating smaller portions of food, by simply using low calorie and reduced sugar beverages, eating fewer calories and burning more calories through exercise and few other ways in physical activities. The unregulated weight loss will end in reversible weight gain and this will create terrible consequences in one’s health. More shockingly almost 90 – 95 percent of the Americans were found to have regained their weight within one to five years.

    Weight loss resolutions

    The typical American dieter makes 4 weight loss attempts per year and the most of the adults are particularly made their attempts on New Year as a healthy resolution. About 47.6 percent has resolved to lose 10 to 29 lbs and 20.9 percent were resolved to lose 30 to 49 lbs. the most interesting fact here is these new year resolutions won’t even last till February and in one-fourth cases it will broke within two weeks. Remaining one-third of resolutions broken within the third week and nearly half of the resolutions end in one month. The best thing so far found in weight loss are small food changes at calorific level and small beverages changes based on recommended dietary measures. Here the statistics have proved that most of the Americans in need of weight loss and they seek the surgeries and therapies often. But the medical practitioners are recommending them to switch to valuable organic supplements. Nothing will be more effective than the healthy food habits and regular exercises in losing the excess weight.       

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