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    Significant Role Of Marula Oil

    February 4, 2015

    The anti-oxidants are gaining higher attention in cosmetic marketing nowadays for its anti-ageing property. More importantly, the beauty products are aiming to sink through nature based ingredients. And the rising need in natural beauty products gives significant role to African vegetation. Africa is believed to hold immense natural resources thus attracting global markets to invade its forest. The researches made on African forests have showed the world the importance of Marula tree, which is more common in South Africa. At present the Marula oil receives more attention in global cosmetic market. The products composed of Marula oil can be applied for both face and hair thus to rejuvenate one’s beauty. It also helps the skin to stay moisture by effectively combating ageing symptoms. All these features made the oil to pop up in a number of skin and hair care products. 

    Properties and benefits of the oil

    Marula oil has a non-greasy texture thus making its application simpler over one’s skin. The researches have also proved its best effort on softening the dry skin and reducing its frizziness. The most promising source of Marula oil is it has been processed by African women tribes. After processing the oil with those skilled man sources, the products are made to avail in the form of hair oils, creams, foundations and so on. The cosmetic dermatologists and laser surgeons have also recommended the oil for its rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids and flavonoids. Since all these can bring huge benefits to skin and hair, the Marula oil is highly recommended for therapies. The beauty experts have also reported that marula oil consist of oleic acid, an essential fatty acid with anti-ageing property. In addition to oleic acid, the marula oil also has a higher concentration of Omega 9 fatty acids and procyanidin. All these constituents will help the skin to stay rejuvenated by reducing the appearance of fine lines.       

    Application in cosmetic industry

    The Body shop has clearly made all its efforts to utilize the valuable benefits of Marula oil. Since it is a pure form of natural extract, the retail sales of an eye shadow constituting marula oil holds four times the value of an eye shadow sold in chain supermarkets. Marula oil is also used as massage oil with prices in line with other common massage oils. Current statistics shows that the production sector of cosmetic industries are receiving $2.35 per kilogram for marula oil. With this minimal price limit, its use in market grows further to reach global customers. This makes the oil to suggest for all sorts of health benefits by marketers like Beauty Care, Glow & Shine, shesexpecting and so on. All these factors are able to draw huge revenue to African natural products market. Significantly, the need of marula oil in global market also helps to promote the value of natural ingredients. All these efforts to promote the effects of naturally synthesized beauty products will take Africa into cosmetic industries limelight in near future. Even the large exports from African natural cosmetic market are found to be made by the European markets. And this statistics will go higher in next decades as the need for marula oil is growing broader in skin and hair care. 

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