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    Sleep deep with a bit of Phenibut

    February 24, 2015

    There is an increasing rate of patients who visit psychologists these days due to sleeping disorders and other mental problems. These are attributed to some trauma that the patient’s would have undergone during some point of their time. It could even be due to the stress that could’ve aroused in their work, social or sometimes even family pressure. Due to this, psychologists and neural doctors who are the reliable sources that the patients depend on turn their focus towards nootropic medicines. These medicines are of various kinds which can be used for different purposes related to brain problems. Some such common uses would be to help patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, boost memory power in people and even help increase the sleep time. Apart from this, it can help the people to be more alert and staying conscious of the happenings around them. All these are due to chemicals that get released and also due to the increase of oxygen and blood flow to the brain that is made possible because of these tablets. 

    Phenibut is one such nootropic medicine that helps people suffering from anxiety or sleeplessness. The phenibut is also known by its other name noofen that can be available in a wide range of pharmaceutical shops across the globe. Some of the attributes of phenibut is that it reduces the stress level of the body by working on the neurons in the brain. It also increases the mood of the person by altering the functions of those neurons and bringing more oxygen to those regions. Phenibut is similar to other nootropic drugs is that it is sedative which means that the user will feel more calm and relaxed. It is recommended for anxiety and sleep deprived people. It also gives the patients a good sleep and hence they should be monitored while taking this medicine as over consumption of these may result in harm to their body. Doctors suggest their patients to consume only a single dosage of this medicine on a daily basis as it has a longer duration of power compared to other nootropic drugs that need to be consumed 2 to even four times a day to show their effect on the patient’s body. These are available in various types such as powder and capsule forms. The capsules by themselves are packed in different concentrations starting from 250 mg to even up to 1000 mg. A word of caution issued by the doctors and the manufactures is that patients should start with a very small amount as consuming in a larger quantity can cause various harmful effects such as stroke or even death. Some of the symptoms that can be determined by patients if they have consumed in a higher quantity or concentration are nausea, giddiness among various other factors. Patients who avoid the medicine due to the fear of higher dosage or its taste can even dissolve the medicine in any liquid. The liquid though should not be any aerated or alcoholic drinks as it loses its power in it. They can even purchase empty capsules and add the powder in them and take those capsules directly without any risk. 

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