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    The Job Market in America is Incomplete

    January 12, 2015

    The United States of America’s job market is better than most of the developed and industrialised countries in 2014. Even after such a daunting unemployment during the great economic crisis its improvement in job market shows the combined dedication of public and private sector. It has offered 2.65 million jobs which include 400,000 jobs for immigrants in 2014 alone and it is the best since 1990. Based on the current pace and demand it is estimated that U.S will hire another 2.85 million jobs in 2015. There are many surveys, estimations and predictions on the employment rate in 2015 confirmed the job hike however, the federal government has to stabilise the swinging growth in order to achieve employment growth. 

    Flaws in Job market

    Even the job market lightens up, the concern over the skill gap isn’t solved yet which is not to be considered as good labour market, according to expert’s perspective. The worrisome fact in present job market is almost half of the employees that hired recently for the hardest jobs including factory workers, truck drivers and sales managers are graduated from high school and they don’t possess 4 year college degree. Employers are finding hard to choose the qualified employees and some of them are planning to replace the workers with machines which instigates the apprehension of unemployment again. But there are many optimist economists like Peter Rupert, economist at the University of California argues that labour skill mismatch is temporary and the flaws will be filled by healthy labour gain in next year. Another major issue in so called job saturation in U.S is seven million part timers who are willing to seek full-time employment but ending with part-time work. Part-time job is common when country is facing economic recession but the drop after the crisis. But the case of U.S part timers is different, according to Bureau of labour statistics the number of part timers increased by 54% in September 2014 when compared with recession period September 2007. According to Sacramento Videographer, major sector of the employees are experiencing poor wage which adversely reflected in their spending pattern. They also said that due to poor spending among majority of population ultimately affects the industries like photography since people are struggling to find the ends meet with those wage.

    Positives in employment surge

    There is also a parallel paradox lies in America’s labour market where skilled employees are working at inappropriate place. They are started to quit their job after the so called job market boom in America. In fact, the quitting rate has attained its six years highest in September 2014. Experts are saying that this phenomenon is good for labour market which portrays their confidence in shifting another job. The job quitting rate hit its bottom in 2008 where the intensity of economic crisis was at its peak where people feared of losing jobs. Another advantage with the employment boom is it ends the long term unemployment among Americans which removes the distress in population who were sent home during recession. The complete success of job market is only if it satisfies the criteria which include right person to right job, reduction in long term unemployment and part timers and a positive wage growth.

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